for when we renew our vows

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Minted (check out their Save the Date cards). I wrote it (I wax on about John and I) and the opinions are all mine… Spoiler alert: I think Minted is pretty dang rad.

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About Minted: “Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won’t accept anything else.” Holy crap, it’s like they made their site SPECIFICALLY FOR ME. Thanks Minted. High fives.


John proposed to me just outside Dam Square in Amsterdam where I lived in January 2007, a little over a year after we started seeing each other. He proposed on the spot we first kissed under a very Dutch overcast sky and a slight drizzle. A year and a half later we had vacationed in Egypt, moved to Canada, started a business (John), started a marketing job (me), bought a vehicle (I hadn’t driven regularly for a decade), moved out of a one bedroom apartment and into a house (ack!), got used to living in one place for more than a year… and got hitched standing by the water in the sun with our family and friends in a small town on Vancouver Island, BC.

And we planned a wedding.

I didn’t think I was going to be all that fussed about the details… and then my mom and I started dress shopping. That process unleashed my inner princess and it turns out when it comes to champagne coloured fancy dresses the princess quite likes “more” and “shiny.” It wasn’t long before I got my curious fingers on a sparkly tiara and I didn’t look back.

A TIARA, people. I’m not even kidding.

Clicking around Minted I now have all kinds of ideas for what we will do if we ever renew our vows. When we renew our vows? What? I’m not suggesting we get married EVERY YEAR… I’m just saying some hors d’oeuvres and a honeymoon suite couldn’t possibly hurt… feel free to help me put this on John’s radar.

I really like the “New Adventures” theme by oscar + emma. I think it is sweet and clean and not too formal.

new adventures

I adore “You In or What?” I might chicken out at the last minute and go for something a bit more formal, but honestly? It’s perfect and hilarious and a great reminder about what the day is all about: having fun with the people you love.

you in or what

I am really liking themes that feature the couple prominently. “Retro Numbers” by Jill Means is similar… maybe I’m just falling in love with these gorgeous couples…

retro numbers

If we didn’t go with a photo card I think I’d go with “She Said Yes” by Carrie Eckert- you can put your story right on the card! I love how personal that is and I am wishing I had thought of it when I was sending out our cards…

she said yes

 And then for the wine lovers (of course)- “Little Wine Charmers“:


I am in love with Not only is the site beautiful and intuitive with designs that are highly customizable, I love what Minted stands for as a community: It’s crowd-sourced creativity that gives indie designers a platform. Watch the video on their About Us page to meet some of their designers and fall in love just a little bit more.

What are your favourite designs? Are you married? Do you have your themes picked out?

And most importantly:

Do you think it is likely John will ever EVER go for the whole renewing our vows thing…? ;-)


Photography: Our wedding photo by Concept Photography

dog photo for sale [test]


so this is christmas

 Naomi-Santa-2013 (1)

Little Miss Naomi hangin’ out with her bud, Santa Claus (photo taken by the lovely Vivian Kereki Photography).

As I write this Naomi is sitting beside me saying “No way. Nope. No waaaay.” I’m not sure what she’s referring to, but she’s adamant. Twelve months have passed since her last Santa photo (obviously). Her hair is longer and frames her head in curls, she tells Kayloo to “back up” and “no” and gets mad at her for slobbering on her toys. She told me she loved me 2 days ago. Yesterday she was inconsolable until I figured out she was saying “kiss.” She wanted me to kiss her head where she bonked it. My kiss fixed it. She likes to wear dresses, she LOVES to wear tights and her favourite topics are trucks and “choo choo trains.”

She loves hugs. She loves to dance. She asks me if I need help and if I want a coffee.

Somehow she’s a little person. A whole little person. It seems like a lifetime ago when I was talking to her in my belly. I remember not being able to imagine being in the world and not being pregnant and now I can hardly remember what it was not to know her.

Naomi has redefined sleep and rest and fun and Monday’s and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s and priorities and worry and nourishment and Christmas. And everything else.

She has redefined everything.

As we launch into the holidays, Merry Christmas!



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damned damned

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I am in my home office as I start this post. I am working. I can hear Naomi down the hall with her attentive babysitter and she is chattering away owlabaloobahbah uppa! and I am here typing and I want to abandon my clicking keyboard and join her. Her uppa! tweaks my heart in a previously undiscovered place. I want to catch every silvery moment because I know that soon enough her sweaty blonde curls will never lay against my chest while she shrugs in her sleep and it will be all about friends and school and whatever it is that girls older than Naomi are all about.

But I sit in my swivel chair and work.

But I want to be sitting here working. I want to Succeed and Kick Ass and Use My Brain and Solve Problems and Expertly Swoop In. I want to Use My Education and Pull My Weight and Know the Answers. I want these things. I really want these things. Before I started working again I would hear from my Lawyer Friend and my Business School Friend and sometimes it felt like everyone was running faster and harder and better while I perched on the ground looking up with hopeful eyes and idle hands where no one saw me or needed me.

Naomi needs me. John needs me. My family needs me. I know that.

I was at a bbq over the weekend (for an hour and 15 minute post nap and pre-dinner meltdown) and I was talking to people with Real Full-Time Jobs. Being a mom is a Real Job but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. I was telling one of my (male) friends that it can be hard not having a Real Job. Now that I am working I can say, “Marketing and Business Development” (capital M, capital BD, of course) when people ask the universal icebreaker, And-What-Do-You-Do? Before I said, “I’m a stay-at-home-mom” (cue patronizing/bored smile) or “I’m doing the full-time-at-home Mom thing” (cue uncomfortable/absentminded nod) or “Well, uh. I’m at home now, my daughter was born last year and, you know, I’m enjoying being home with her, and we’ll see how long we do that for and it’s nice, you know, although sometimes it’s tough because I really like working, it’s been a huge part of Who I am, you know?” (cue eye-glaze and escape to the bathroom and there goes my small-talk companion).

It’s my insecurity, I know that.

Because I really do enjoy being home with her. Like when she yells “mamma mamma maaaammaaaaa!” as she waddles down the hall and tightly wraps her arms and legs and head around me like a warm, diapered monkey and I hug her warm little body until she’s ready to let go. And when she squeaks “bee-you?” (bear) and “babee?” (baby) over and over until her little arms are full to the brim with stuffed monkeys and plush babies and she nods that she and her entourage are now ready to go to the park. And when she calls Kayloo so she can sneak her some of her unwanted lunch. And when she says “pig” for the first time. And when she says “down” and pats the floor beside her inviting me to look at her animal magnets. And being here to help her with every single memorable and forgettable thing she needs.

But I get such a thrill from a perfect project plan. And talking with people who don’t talk about nap times (although, truth be told, I am more than willing to fill an hour with sleep talk). And launching mom power photo projects. And, hell, let’s not overlook depositing a paycheck. When remembering to take the sheets out of the washing machine and googling “quick dinner recipes” are my biggest intellectual challenges for the day, remembering the price tag on my education makes me want to throttle myself with a Lamb Chop puppet.

So here we are again: damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I’m damned either way. There is no such thing as having it all. At least not all at the same time, I see.

no more mommy wars! photos

no more mommy wars_ad

Remember that photo project all about the Mommy Wars I told you about?

The photos are finally live!

This project is for you if you’ve ever felt judged as a parent. Being a parent can be DIFFICULT. It can also be all kinds of awesome, but when it’s tough we need support from one another, we don’t need to feel like our every move is being scrutinized (we’ve got enough self-doubt going on, trust me).

If you’re a parent or if you plan to be a parent… or if you KNOW parents (you see where I’m headed with this), please go check out our photo project!

No More Mommy Wars, yo!

home birth_ad

labour day weekend… already

baby and dog

This is actually a picture from June. WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?

Naomi loves nothing more than to have control of the dog leash. If it is possible for dogs to roll their eyes Mickey pulls it off.

Let’s throw all our summer love into this long weekend. It’s a lot of love.


Age: 14 months

real parenting cfax1070 #mommywars podcast

cfaxHere is the link to Mommy Wars podcast from last Saturday.

Our interview starts at 35:45.

Notes to self:

  • must work on my “hey there”… when I say “hello” at the beginning of the interview I sound positively saucy. Oh. My. God. Mortifying. I should have just thrown in a “how YOU doin’?” for good measure.
  • calm down. I was nervous and I couldn’t remember if I had said what I thought I said, or if I was just remembering practicing saying what I said with John the night before. (said saying said saying)
  • high-fives to me to asking fantastic women to join me. Sarah-Jane and Anna rocked it!

Too fun. Down with the Mommy Wars, yo.

real parenting cfax 1070 AM: chatting about the mommy wars

I’m going to be on the radio show Real Parenting CFAX 1070 AM this Saturday, Aug 10 at 12:30pm PST talking about the “Mommy Wars.” Exciting!

You know the whole mommy war thing, right? It’s all that “Are You Mom Enough” and “I work inside/outside the home so I’m better” and “I breastfeed/formula feed so I’m better” and “I’m a good mom OH YES I AM” mumbo jumbo. I’m going to be joined by my friends Sarah-Jane Steele, birth & postpartum doula and pre/postnatal yoga teacher; and Anna Arneja, a child protection social worker and we’re going to discuss why this nonsense needs to STOP ALREADY.

The mommy wars are lame. We have better things to worry about. Like how to function on less sleep than is humanly possible.

Learn more about the show:

Raffi: Need for social media reform + Mom Panel: Judge free motherhood

RAFFI IS GOING TO BE ON THE SHOW. He’s a tiny person god.

Off to fight the mommy wars…

a haiku (that’s right, a haiku)

plush toysThere are piles of cotton everywhere in my house. Fuzzy blankets and squishy stuffed animals and bright mini socks and baskets of laundry and and and. It’s everywhere. It’s adorable and it drives me crazy. It’s so sweet and Naomi loves it hugs it and names it George… and it drives me crazy.

And so! A poem:

Drowning in cotton
as cute, plush piles reach higher.
Makes me crave sharp stuff.

Too dark? Oh. Sorry. But I’ve been driven to writen a poem and YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

I get a strange thrill out of frail objects these days. Breakable glasses of fully spicy wine (that don’t get knocked over)… delicate, dangly earrings (that don’t get yanked, really they are just pretty handles at this stage)… electronics (without peanut butter smudges)… sunglasses (ditto, smudges)… All this limp, safe cotton makes me jones for something fragile.

You? Does living dangerously now include being in the presence of things that are not indestructible?

guest post @ victoria mom: motherhood is a zoo- mom friends help

petting zoo family photo

I have a guest post over at Victoria Mom. Whoop!

If you feel so inclined, please check ‘er out!


There are many aspects to being a mom that didn’t occur to me while I was pregnant. I didn’t think about how my suddenly thinning hair would end up in a permanent ponytail for months on end. I didn’t realize I would magically become that woman making goofy faces at stranger’s babies in supermarkets. And who knew I really can be fully functional on less than 3 hours of sleep (a little punchy maybe, but I’M NOT ASKING FOR MY HUSBAND’S INPUT)?

I also did not think about how one of the most important tasks I would have as a new mom would be to seek out and befriend other newbie moms. Not only for the playdate opportunities, but also for the ME-date opportunities (can I get a Hellll Yeah).

You can read the rest over at Victoria Mom.

Age: 11 months