Kayloo’s Home Visit (or Puking at the New Home)

Before I begin, I would like to say that I’ve been getting a bit of (jealous?) feedback that I may have gone on & on & on about the Victoria Pet Adoption Society. To you Jealous Feedbackers I say: (Victoria Pet Adoption Society) What do you mean (Victoria Pet Adoption Society)? I don’t really get (Victoria Pet Adoption Society) what you are getting at. Weird (Victoria Pet Adoption Society).

Moving on… This was Kayloo’s first time at our house for the “home visit” portion of the adoption process. First, we met Kayloo at the Society and a few days later a lovely woman from the Society came to our house so she could evaluate if we were crazy and to what degree we would freak out if she promptly puked all over our carpet (which she did). Apparently we did alright because a few days after that we were allowed to come and pick her up. Fantastic!

And there is Mickey in the very background to the left. I’ve heard that it is a good sign if dogs ignore each other.

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