Kayloo Cocking Her Head

This is Kayloo.

This is Kayloo cocking her head.

If you keep making the same noise over and over she’ll keep cocking her head this way, and that way, this way, and that way. She will carry on like this for 10 minutes if you have the patience for it. I am not kidding.

Here she is cocking her head on the beach, and right after puking on my carpet.

I think her head cocking antics are cuter on the beach. But that just might be my unreasonable aversion to puke.

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One Response to “Kayloo Cocking Her Head”

  1. […] Here is another photo of her ridiculousness, and as you can see she has improved her game. Thank GOD. Would have really sucked to end up with a slacker in the head bobbing department. […]