1,000? 1,000!!!

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Oh. My. Gad.

Over 1,000 people have come to Fido & Wino to check it out! The 1,000 milestone actually came last week and now we’re at 1,100 and counting (happy dance… happy dance!)!

I am excited, ecstatic and so incredibly pleased that you guys are coming by the site… and then coming back for more (all together you’ve visited over 2,000 times and viewed 4,000 pages in 2 months and 2 days)!


Thank you for bookmarking the site, coming back each day and sharing it with your friends. Sorry to gush, but I love doing this and it makes me happy that you like to come along for the ride!

Here are a few posts of note:

  1. Most viewed: Stuff My Dogs Have Wrecked: Cushion
  2. Post that got the most comments: Secret Hiding Place for My Winter Underwear
  3. Most popular Mickey post: Camping: Mickey Crashing Out I
  4. Most popular Kayloo post: Camping: Kayloo and the Thong
  5. Most popular wine post: Dodgy Little Penguin
  6. Most commented on wine post: Connoisseur Only Different
  7. My favourite Fido post: 16lbs of Holy Terror
  8. My favourite Wino post (cuz I like the photo): A Gold Medal White
  9. My favourite “other” post (again, like the photo): Tough Little Purple Flowers
  10. First post: Our Carpet Would Never Be the Same Again

You have made my DAY… actually SUMMER. Holy crap this is exciting!

I’ve got a good feeling about this folks. I’ll let ya know when we hit 10,000…

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