Willy-Nilly Wonka

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I was GOING to write something about how Mickey, when he play fights with Kayloo, assumes the unique ninja-fighting position of flopping out on his back and pawing at Kayloo’s head. You’d think, since he is half her size, he would do his best to make himself bigger, but no. He lays down and rolls over and starts kicking and punching away like a wayward kangaroo. A really REALLY small kangaroo.

So, I was GOING to write about that, but then I noticed that Mickey’s willy was HANGING OUT. Right on out there. With absolutely no regard for decorum or manners or EVEN INTRODUCTIONS! Oh. The. Horror. Didn’t he know that SELF RESPECTING PEOPLE WITH STANDARDS WOULD SEE HIM?

Since Mickey is a male dog and I am not in the habit of making him wear trousers, this state of exposure is not an unusual occurrence. Happens every day as you might well imagine. Of course, I don’t generally freeze-frame the occasion and then force it upon my unsuspecting readers.

Suddenly I started to second guess myself. Would you guys wince at a dog willy in the wind? Would you be a wee bit uncomfortable and waffle at such wretchedness?

Or would you wink and think, “Hey! What’s a little walk on the wild side?”

(I’m going to try not to do the 7 million “w’s” in a sentence thing again, but come ON, it was kind of funny!)

So, what do you think? Is dog modesty a must, or are we okay with our dogs in all their inappropriate splendor?

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