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Look at the sky, it’s PERFECTLY BLUE!

Once upon a time it was summer and I love summer and it was warm and the sun was shining and it was HEAVEN and did I mention that I LOVE summer? and then- OH NO!- it was OVER no, no, no. And then, the end.

I’m not sure if where you are is anything like where I am… but where I am is starting to get a bit cooler. Dang it.

This is a picture I took of the sky about a month ago while I was laying on my back on a blanket in the backyard. I was with my husband and my dogs and I had a mondo-sized latte and I read a of couple magazines and basically life was pretty much incredibly, totally perfect. That day may have also been a good hair day. I’m pretty sure it was.


I think this pic of Mickey and this pic of Kayloo about wrap up perfect summer days. Ooooh and then there was camping… and white wine!
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