Head Tilting Tizzy

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Here is a little Kayloo Action to send you off into your weekend. We came THIS close to her twisting her head right off today. I dared to utter the word “dinner” and she vibrated into a head tilting tizzy.

Here is another photo of her ridiculousness, and as you can see she has improved her game. Thank GOD. Would have really sucked to end up with a slacker in the head bobbing department.

Happy Friday!

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3 Responses to “Head Tilting Tizzy”

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  2. […] me I’m an idiot in this picture. Kayloo, on the other hand, it totally working with me and tilting her head like a champion. […]

  3. […] Kayloo from the Victoria Pet Adoption Society via Petfinder.com. Before Kayloo was to claim the Head Tilting Tierra with our family, she was tripping the light fantastic with the name the Adoption Society gave her: […]