Vancouver Photo Medley

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I mentioned in my horoscope post that I headed over to Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a bunch of pics cuz, yet again, my brain is too dang mushy to get it together and be properly witty for y’all.

It was before the Olympics started but ooooh the Olympics buzz was in the air! Lots of “I Heart Canada” stuff to spend your cash-ola on:

I’m not sure if these were put up before all the Olympics started, but these eagles are pretty westcoast-ish:

I took the ferry over and hanging over the side of the ferry to take photos frickin’ frickin’ FRICK frick scares the crap out of me because of the WATER and the DARK CHURNING WATER and the HAIRY HUNGRY WATER BEASTS WAITING TO CHEW MY SHOES OFF:

… and a close up of a wall… just cuz…

… and more Olympics…

Happy Friday! Have a blast this weekend!

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