Your Mother Is Not Impressed, Playgirl

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So, this whole thing about Mike Vick posing for Playgirl with the proceeds going to PETA (read the Life & Style article). In case you haven’t heard: Playgirl offered to donate $1 million to PETA if Michael Vick poses for it’s magazine.


This is the worst idea ever:

  1. Guy tortures animals (he started his dogfighting operation, “Bad Newz Kennels” in 2001)
  2. Guy is sentenced to 23 months followed by 2 months in home confinement
  3. Guy strips for a skin mag
  4. Skin mag makes a bunch of money

I’m going to throw this out there again: ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

Yeah sure, they say they are going to give a donation to PETA, but that does not make any of this okay (whatever you happen to think of PETA). My issue here is with a publication wanting to profit off of what Vick has done. I have the sneaking suspicion the magazine stands to make a bunch of  money off of this and is doing this for a bunch of free press (yes, I do realize that I am giving said publication free press by writing this post, which is totally annoying but the whole thing really pisses me off so I am going to keep going).

Somebody woke up and thought: Hmmm. How can we get a bunch of press focused onto Playgirl and hopefully make a bunch of money in the process? I KNOW! Let’s get someone who hurt voiceless animals… and then let’s turn it around to make it sound like WE are the good guys by turning part of that income into a donation.

To that somebody: Not a nice idea. Your mom would not be proud.

I don’t know about you guys, but for some reason I am not turned on by animal torturers (“former” yeah, yeah, yeah). I am also not turned on by magazines that seek to benefit/make light of former animal torturers.

As far as I’ve read PETA has nothing to do with this. Playgirl came up with this one all on their own.

WOW, what a downer! Okay. Here is a cute/bored picture of Mickey in an attempt to lighten things up after all that griping. Ta da!

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