This is Kayloo sporting her Bored-Out-Of-My-Bean look.

We actually got that “Pup Treads” tire for Mickey the first day we got him (here is a photo of Mickey’s 1st day with the most slammin’ family ever). But he didn’t like it because I think he sensed that if that tire-o-terror ran over his tiny little body, he would probably be crushed into a fuzzy brown pulp.

Newbie dog parents error: Don’t purchase toy if said toy is big enough to obliterate your brand new pup. Just sayin.

6 Responses to “Tire-o-Terror”

  1. Anya says:

    Lovely woof-woof friend
    Kareltje send many hugs =^.^=

  2. Choosing toys for dogs you don’t know is so hard. I made a similar mistake, but I got Miss M. a giraffe with ropes for legs. Little did I know how she likes to play with things by whipping her head around; I had tons of rope welt marks all over my legs.

  3. Haha I like that. If your toy is bigger than your dog, it’s a deal breaker.

    Oly has that tire too and she is in seriously love with it surprisingly. I can never tell when I’m picking out a toy if it’s going to be a hit, or a DISASTER!

  4. Michelle says:

    So funny! Love the photo. Isn’t it funny what toys they love? My giant tough guy Mastiff absolutely LOVES stuffed animals. He takes them everywhere – for a drive, for a walk, whatever. It’s hysterical.

  5. claire says:

    haha, good tip!

  6. What should I do now that our cat is nearly bigger that the dogs? That gets the same look… 😉