R.O.A.R. Squad: Ashley and her dog, Oly

        R.O.A.R. SQUAD         

Rescue   Owners   Are   Rockin’

R.O.A.R. Squad: Ashley and her ridiculously cute puppy, Oly (See?! You can get rescue PUPPIES too! Sometimes people think they don't want a rescue because they want a puppy. Behold: Puppy Proof!)

Ashley wrote a lovely R.O.A.R. Squad email so I am just going to basically share with you what she wrote (all I did was add the snazzy headings). Enjoy!

My name is Ashley of the blog The Accidental Olympian, and my pooch is Oly. I am a marketing guru by day, and a blogger by night/whenever I can squeeze it in.

What: My boyfriend and I adopted Oly from Adopt-A-Pet in Shelton, WA which is an amazing no kill shelter near the WA state capital of Olympia, WA.

Breed: Oly is the quintessential MUTT. We believe that she is a lab/whippet, but we don’t have much more to go on other than her striking body type and her desire to RUN. Oly might also be 25% human, but sadly there isn’t a DNA test for that.

Adopt-A-Pet Rocks: Oly was dropped off in a shoe box at 3 weeks old, at the time her eyes weren’t even fully open. She was nursed back to health by the shelter volunteers, and my boyfriend and I met her at 5 weeks, fell in love and adopted her at 8 weeks. Without the dedication of the shelter staff (3am feedings!) Oly would have never made it into our lives.

Another sumthin’ sumthin’: Ashley put together a seriously charming video about  “all the quirks that make up Miss Oly.” My personal fav is Oly Sitting Like a Human. You gotta check it out- go here to watch the video. Go now!

Where: Washington in the United States, more specifically Olympia, WA

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16 Responses to “R.O.A.R. Squad: Ashley and her dog, Oly”

  1. inkpuddle says:

    Squee! I love the sleeping picture. That’s how Napoleon has always slept (even now, at 55 lbs!). 😛

  2. blanket says:

    Oly is so cute and it’s a cute story too! Love the sleeping photo.

  3. kari says:

    Baily was an 8 week old pup when we got her from rescue 🙂

  4. Hi! I just found your blog through the Dooce community, and I love it! I nearly choked to death whilst reading your willy hair trimming adventures… fido and wino should carry a health warning! I’ve got a rescue dog from the south of Spain. He’s nine now, and he is the centre of my world. I live in Italy, not in the US, so I can’t get any future rescues from the places you have suggested, but let it be known that I would if I could! I will never ever get a pure breed from a breeder again. Rescue pups are the only way to go. Keep up the good work!

  5. These pictures are so cute. I was just thinking..we really don’t have any pictures of us with the dogs…

  6. You had me at the spooning pic…

  7. @Kari- Aha! More puppies! See… all those people who want pets just need to ask us…

    @Viatoris- So very glad you enjoy it 🙂 And: ITALY? Are you KIDDING ME? R.O.A.R. Squad has a chance to go INTERNATIONAL? (pardon me, something *may* be wrong with my caps lock key) I am now going to dooce-stalk you (wow, that sounds really creepy) & try to get you to submit your SPANISH PUP who is now living in ITALY.

    That is wicked.

  8. This is turning into a great series. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Do you have a chart where you are marking off states, provinces, and occupations?

    And Oly … not only is the puppy cute, so is the name!

  9. @Rod- I am really enjoying this! Yup- on this page: http://fidoandwino.com/roar_squad/ if you scroll down you will see that I am slotting each ROAR page into a province/state and Super Wicked Peeps category. Ideally this would be an interactive map in addition to the Super Wicked Peeps categories… but this work around will do for now 😉

  10. Edie says:

    Very cool, Shauna! I posted this on the Facebook page of my greyhound rescuing friend, Karyn, with a call for rescued greys — aren’t they all? — and their peeps, so I hope you’ll get some response.

    Frankie and I are working on participating too. I need a good picture of us together!

  11. @Edie- Woot! Thanks Edie! I really look forward to receiving your entry- your blog is really entertaining 🙂

  12. […] Lauren is the never ending news source behind the blog Daily Dog Scoop. If there is news and there is a dog in it… it’s on the Scoop!  Welcome to the R.O.A.R. Squad, guys!    Pedigree Pooch: Darby is a pure bred MUTT!     Rescue: Homeward Trails Animal Rescue    Meant to be: She was found on the streets of NC and reached the end of the line in a shelter down there.  At the last minute she was snatched up by the good folks at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.  They had her in foster homes for 6 months before we found each other.     Livin’ Large: Darby enjoys being an urban dog, taking me on daily walks, and she doesn’t just wag her tail–she wags her body! (Editors note: Will you please look at Darby’s smile? Love how her ears complete the line of her grin!)    Where: Washington DC   Want to check out another lovable mutt? Go on over to meet Ashley and her dog, Oly […]