Cats are Definitely Good Too

This week, for the first time ever, we had cats here on Fido & Wino. As it turns out, I may just be a dog AND cat person. Who knew?

R.O.A.R. Squad* fun this week:

*What the heck is the R.O.A.R. Squad, you ask? Thank you for asking! Head on over here to learn more and join up.

Other stuff:

New R.O.A.R. Squad members this week:

  • A 2-footed R.O.A.R. Squad member!
  • More dogs… and ONE WITH A VIDEO!
  • If you have kids they are going to FLIP with the introduction of this pair! OH MAH GAHD you are going to love it!

I think I may have broken my exclamation point button with this post, so I’m going to stop now.

I mean:

I’m going to stop now! Have a great week!

3 Responses to “Cats are Definitely Good Too”

  1. Amy and I are allergic to cats … go into vapor lock when we are around them for any length of time.

  2. I think I may be a wee bit allergic too. I visited a friend with two cats and couldn’t stop sneezing. Maybe it was just a pollen allergy or something… I’ll just keep telling myself that 🙂

  3. Kari says:

    I don’t think I will ever be a cat person…