R.O.A.R. Squad: Skye and Rob and their dog, Holland

R.O.A.R. Squad: Rescue   Owners   Are   Rockin’

ROAR Squad: Skye and her rescue dog, Holland (they are at the Mets' Bark in the Park event (April 2010), how fun would that be?!)

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The Rockin’ Rescue Owners: Skye McFarlane and my husband Rob Masiello. While I grew up around rescue pets in upstate NY (my dad actually ran a cat rescue for a while), Holly is Rob’s first pet of any kind.  I am a former journalist and current English teacher. Rob is a Wall Street stock trader.

Oh. Ma. GAWD. Too cute.

The Gorgeous Pup: Holland, an All-American Mutt
The Heavenly Rescue Org: We adopted Holly in February from Animal Haven
Tough Start: The Hollster had a rough start in life. She was abandoned at just 4 weeks old with a dislocated hip and a belly full of worms.
Turned Around: Fortunately, the amazing Animal Haven staff fostered her and nursed her back to health. Now she is one of the most athletic dogs I’ve ever been around!

ROAR Squad: Rob and Holland (Holland "helping" at the computer)

Holly’s Hobbies:

  • Being a boozehound (seriously, she’ll do anything to get a sip of your wine or beer).
  • Making us regret wasting money on dog gates. She jumped over the 22″ and 28″ gates and she removed the stabilizing feet from the 32″ gate before knocking it over. She was kind enough to bring us the feet. In bed. At 1am.
  • Running. Preferably after other dogs at the dog park, but “into the woods,” “after a ball,” and “in crazy circles” are also acceptable.
  • “Helping” us do work on the computer by making sure our laps are warm and protected (see picture to the left).

Where: Lower Manhattan, New York

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15 Responses to “R.O.A.R. Squad: Skye and Rob and their dog, Holland”

  1. kari says:

    Look at the smooshy face!

  2. What a gorgeous dog with great floppy ears. I love the part where it details how athletic she is, but then seeing her completely passed out in that last photo.

  3. blanket says:

    She’s looking a very happy and healthy dog after such a rough start! Great pics!

  4. OMG that last picture.

    TOO. CUTE.

    I’m sorry, mutts are cuter than pure breeds. Hands down.

  5. SkyeHeather says:

    @Two Pitties– I need a better camera to get some athletic shots of her. Every time I try, she’s a blur! But she’s like me: Loves to run around like crazy but then loves to pass out on the couch for several hours. Thanks to Shauna for including us in the ROAR Squad!!

  6. I totally want to smooch that puppeh in the sweatshirt. SO cute!

  7. laura says:

    I too was raised with pets and had three cats when I met Hans. He on the other hand only ever had one dog in his life and wasn’t so sure about getting one now. He’s amazed at how attached he’s already become to Wilbur. Your Holly is a cutie and she’s welcome to have a beer with Wilbur (who nearly got splinters in his tounge lapping up a puddle of it on our deck) anytime she wants to!

  8. @Skye- Thanks for leaving a comment! If ever you want to include some action shots lemme know 🙂

  9. @Laura- It it crazy how quickly they weave into your life!

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  12. Mel says:

    What a cute little buggaroo! She looks like a very sweet dog. Yay for rescues!
    BTW – Any relation to Danny Masiello? I used to work with him.

  13. Wow she is a nice little piece