On Getting Better Acquainted

Not yet acquainted.

When I took this photo Kayloo did not know the two women sitting on that bench.

Two seconds after I took this photo she fixed that by goosing one of the women. From the front.

They knew each other much better after the goosing.

13 Responses to “On Getting Better Acquainted”

  1. Carol Bryant says:

    Hahahahahaha. I don’t know what I expected when I saw this photo but that made me laugh aloud.

  2. Does goosing mean what I think it means? :/

  3. @Carol- I got a pretty good chuckle out of it too… afterwards. At the time there was lots of “oh my gaaawd… sorry…” But this has happened to us all, right? A swift “dog handshake” up the- Ahem.

  4. @Jim- Yes, Jim. It does. I’m sorry.

  5. Are you implying there’s a problem with goosing?

  6. laura says:

    If she’s single she probably appreciated it!

  7. I love this shot! The colors, the serenity… and only a hint of tension… belying the soon-to-come chaos and awkwardness. Brilliant! 😀

  8. You’ve been having all these really great pictures. I’m sure the women were just as happy to meet, except for the goosing part.

  9. alexa says:

    Haha! You didn’t tell us what happened after though…. 🙂

  10. Ah, Oly is known to do that very same thing. I always cringe right before it happens.

    Damn dogs.

  11. claire says:

    haha, goosing!! roux always does that and it can be mildly embarassing, to say the least

  12. Kari says:

    There is a reason we call Mesa Goose

  13. inkpuddle says:

    Haha. I fostered a German Shepherd once who insisted on doing that to EVERYONE. Adoption days at Petsmart were awful, considering I let him walk around the store with me the whole time – you know, to meet (or to him, goose) potential adopters. Ha, I don’t miss those days too much. 😉