1,000 Shades of Turquoise

This is my mom. And paint chips.

I took this shot with my BlackBerry (I just got my BlackBerry last week. There is a chance that every time I take it out of my purse I still take it out with a flourish that is on the wrong side of annoying). I think the photo looks not too bad at all.

My mom arrived on Friday and the last four days have been a well-dressed* whirlwind of paint chips, furniture stores and caffeine.

We are beautifying my home office.

Omg, it’s so exciting.

This is us at the paint store:

Mom: Is there somewhere else we can go?

Me: Why?

Mom: [face scrunched up into a look of disapproval] There aren’t enough colours here.

Me: You are standing in front of 1,000 shades of turquoise. How many colours do you need?

Mom: [nonplussed Mom Look burrowing into the side of my forehead]

Twenty minutes later we found ourselves at a Paint Store on steroids. And we found the WICKEDEST colour ever. She was right. As usual.

Updates coming…

*My mom is well-dressed. I look the same as usual. Ripped jeans and all.

9 Responses to “1,000 Shades of Turquoise”

  1. Kari says:

    Ripped jeans are the best. When Im not at work I am as casual as I can be and still be considered decent 🙂

  2. Carol Bryant says:

    LOL well good luck on the painting.

  3. I love seeing home before/afters. Which of the 1,000 shades of turquoise did you end up with?

  4. OMG my mom always rolls into town and before she even steps in the door there are like a million house projects swirling through her head.

    I think it’s a mom thing.

    Can’t wait to see the newly snazzed up office.

  5. spokeit says:

    can we see pictures after??

  6. Yes- I will definitely show you ALL the new office details. I am sitting in here right now… pretty excited 😀

  7. […] my mom and I were painting I was feeling incredibly dehydrated so I was using my lippy more than normal throughout the day. […]