R.O.A.R. Squad: Sharon and her dog, Cleo

R.O.A.R. Squad: Sharon and her dog, Cleo

A great big friendly welcome to Sharon and her big wonderful dog Cleo! Cleo is the inspiration behind the blog Grouchy Puppy(Twitter @grouchypuppy; Facebook Fan Page).

I am completely in love with the name “Grouchy Puppy”- Mickey can be a bit of a squirt, so we call him “grouchy puppy” when he is being particularly snooty. Welcome to the R.O.A.R. Squad!

Human: Sharon Castellanos

Dog: Cleo- she is probably German Shepherd-Husky Mix but some like to speculate that she is part wolf. 

A Tight Knit Pack: My husband and I knew we wanted a big dog and the SF/SPCA has a great adoption facility so we started visiting every week or so. One afternoon we saw Cleo inside a room with another dog. Cleo remained on the little elevated bed just staring at us serenely while the other dog jumped and barked at the window. Something about her conposure stuck with us. My husband returned on his own a few days later and when he entered her room, Cleo came over and rested her head in his lap, and stayed there. And he was hooked. We brought her home that night and we’ve been a tight knit pack ever since. 

An Inspiration: Last year I started a blog called Cleo’s Day to share her/our experiences with others.  Her point of view on the blog can make you laugh, cry and smile and she has been a great ambassador for adult large breed adoptions.

Grouchy Puppy: Cleo is my muse and inspired the name Grouchy Puppy.  We are working together on creating a series of books illustrating teachable moments. We want to help others to learn how to demonstrate unconditional love, how to be better citizens and to learn how to be more understanding and tolerant of the differences around them.  Cleo has taught many people these lessons already by sharing her sweet kind nature and offering a nice soft cuddle, even though she is often misunderstood and avoided because of her size.

All About Cleo:

  • Cleo loves running into the ocean and biting it.  Don’t confuse her with a Lab, she is not a water dog only a big girl with a fur coat that makes her hot and she likes the taste of salt water.
  • She inspired the name Grouchy Puppy because she is really very relaxed most of the time, happy to hang out with you, but on occasion she gets grumpy and petulant like a spoiled child. But like a grouchy puppy they are cute and mad at the same time which makes you laugh, which makes them more mad and grumpy. 
  • She often moves between being our sloppy room mate who farts and burps to our precious loving little baby girl, before returning to just being a sweet big dog. 

Where: California

Want to meet another happy pack from California? Check out Kari and her two pit bulls and one wee Chihuahua.

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Do you want to be join the R.O.A.R. Squad? Our goal is to make having a rescue animal THE coolest thing around. Ya game? Perfect! We’d love to have you! 

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9 Responses to “R.O.A.R. Squad: Sharon and her dog, Cleo”

  1. I loved hearing the story of how you found Cleo. I feel like I found Miss M a similar way…I was looking at every other dog except for her and it was just something about the way she looked at me that I knew she was mine. I also like how you’re a large-breed, adult dog ambassador…I know so many amazing dogs that get passed up for someone smaller and cuter. Especially in the city. Good profile.

    • Yeah for big dogs! Okay, so Kayloo isn’t huge, but originally we thought she was going to be around 25lbs… she is closer to 50lbs (it was impossible to figure out her cross when she was a pup). When we were looking for a playmate for Mickey we thought we knew we wanted one around the same size as he was. I am *so* glad things turned out the way they did because even though she is around twice his size we have learned that it really doesn’t matter. We now know it’s about the energy level of the dog, not the size.

  2. Cleo has integrated (or some may say ingratiated) herself so completely now that we could not imagine life or our pack without her. Thanks for inviting us to join the R.O.A.R. Squad! Arooooo!

  3. One of the cool things about your ROAR Squad posts is the ability to connect and follow the featured guest after your post appears. I am now following @GrouchyPuppy and have subscribed to the blog!

  4. Kari says:

    Just saying Grouchy Puppy makes me smile

  5. I was fortunate to meet Sharon at Blog Paws in Ohio. But I need to meet Cleo now!

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