The Right Tools For the Job

Just think of this as a red brush and a white brush.

Behold: My painting tools of choice.

What? You didn’t think I was going to show you a photo of some tatty ol’, gunked up paint brushes, did you? Nah. I think you guys know me better than that by now. Plus, I already posted that photo here.  

I am putting the “Home Reno Unveil” post together and it is taking much longer than I anticipated because there are a bajillion things I want to take photos of to show you. There is a desk. A DESK! And stuff on the walls. STUFF! And cute little coasters TO DIE FOR.

Oh. And all that important office-y stuff like chairs and pens and post its and all that crap those tools of the trade.

Also… ALSO. John keeps coming into my office and messing it up. I am looking over at the result of his last visit right now and I see a lone pen discarded haphazardly on one shelf, a miniature bright red promo calculator thrown on another and on yet another he has for reasons unknown tastefully stored a crimson pair of orthotics. On a shelf. Sure, they haven’t been worn yet and they are still in their packaging BUT STILL.

They don’t match the room or anything.  

Oh. And I’ve just noticed that John rested a flashlight in a desk tray. Hi. There are working lightbulbs RIGHT ON THE CEILING.

John: Ever prepared for the inevitable blackout.

So, I can’t get pictures of everything I want to because there is still mess. Ick.

But don’t you worry I am working on it and can’t wait to show you how things turned out! I even have a really dismal “Before” picture that will (hopefully) make the “After” pictures look even better.

The Wines in the photo above (another totally useless wine review by Fido & Wino):

Blasted Church is a vineyard in the Okanagan in British Columbia (if you come to BC you need to go to the Okanagan- there are orchards and vineyards everywhere). We bought this particular wine because my mom has been to the winery and loves it (but mostly because the artwork on their labels is entertaining).

  • Red: The Dam Flood – I’d say this is best paired with spicy, flavourful food… oh look, they say that too. Go figure.
  • White: Pinot Gris – I didn’t have any because my mom drank it too fast I’m not a white wine drinker. But my mom loves it.

3 Responses to “The Right Tools For the Job”

  1. Scoop says:

    Just when I was wondering if you ever actually wrote about wine, I see this hilarious post. I can’t wait to see the coasters 🙂

  2. Kari says:

    haha I need that whenever I start a project that involved physical labor