R.O.A.R. Squad: Sarah and her cats, Archibald and Goldilocks

R.O.A.R. Squad: Sarah and a very smug looking Archibald

A very warm welcome to my very lovely and very gorgeous friend, Sarah! Sarah and I went to the same dance school back in the day AND she lived on my floor in residence in 1st year university. AND she was my roommate in 2nd year (we call it “1st year” and “2nd year” in Canada cuz that’s how we roll). So, she knows all kinds of embarassing uni crap about me AND STILL WANTS TO BE MY FRIEND.

Welcome to you and your wonderful family, Sarah! I’m so honoured that you guys are part of the R.O.A.R. Squad!

What does the R.O.A.R. Squad stand for? Rescue Owners Are Rockin’! Learn more!

The Humans: Sarah, Maxine and Chad (pictured below)

The Kittehs: Archibald and Goldilocks (I am in love with those names)

Cold. Canada Cold: Archibald was found in a barn at 5 weeks old in a small town called Hazelridge near Winnipeg, Manitoba. In December. So we’re talking minus 30 degrees Celsius easily (-22 degrees Fahrenheit). He and his brother and sister were brought to a wonderful WONDERFUL “for life” shelter in Winnipeg called D’Arcy’s Arc.

Riverdale High (you know… Archie Comics… you DO know… right?): He was called Archibald because of his orange fur… his brother who had black fur was Reggie, and his sister, Veronica. The gang from Riverdale!

Finally Home: You should see D’Arcy’s Arc, Shauna. The animals have all this room to run around in. Some animals find their home there, like the cat who watches you fill out your paperwork while she sits on the counter. Or the dog who had acid thrown on his face (yup) but is now loving and friendly and follows you around the place. The guy working when you go in is actually D’Arcy.

Fluffy:  Archibald is a Maine Coone Red Tabby. Which means he is fluffy. Very Fluffy. Ear fur, a huge mane and a tail that looks like a scared Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes. He is now one a half years old and HUGE. But still with the personality of a kitten. He makes us laugh ALL THE TIME.

Stampy: We call him Stampy because the only time he is really affectionate and rolling around on us is at 3 o’clock in the morning when he stamps all around the bed because he is awake and is all, “So what’s up guys?… Guys?” Even then, we laugh… He likes to sleep on shoes… or any hard and uncomfortable surface. We think it goes back to his early days in the barn.

See that gorgeous gal in the middle? That's Maxine. When Maxine was in Grade 2 when she started a classroom trend (without any parental suggestion) to forgo presents for birthdays and instead donate to D'Arcy's. Awesome.

The Grey Tabby Trying to Leave the Damn Family Picture: About 6 years ago I had to say goodbye to my childhood cat named Delta who was 17 and awesome and had been with me through lots o times. ONE WEEK later I am sleeping at my then boyfriend’s (now husband) 2nd story apartment (window open a bit) and woke up in the middle of the night… and thought hmmmm. I whispered, “Chad.. there’s a CAT on the BED.” Chad then turned on the light to see the cat who would become Goldilocks (cuz our bed was “just right” har) sleeping soundly and purring on my legs. Booyeah!!!

Sleeping On My Head: We postered and all but no response came and eventually we bought a litter box. Goldilocks has moved with us three times now and has gone from super-duper skittery and anxious to rolling around on her back and sleeping on my head. She rules.

Just Right: Grumpy Goldy chose us.

Where: Winnepeg, Manitoba

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9 Responses to “R.O.A.R. Squad: Sarah and her cats, Archibald and Goldilocks”

  1. Mel says:

    What great stories and what great names! I love that these cats seemed to have found you. They knew how to pick their humans didn’t they?

    BTW Sarah – I now see why you and Shauna are friends. You both have a great sense of humor! Made me smile several times throughout your story. 🙂

  2. Kari says:

    That cat is SUPER smug looking

  3. Peggy says:

    These kitties look very happy in your home, Sarah. I think my dog Kelly might have some Maine Coon Cat in her, because she is red and fluffy too!

  4. Welcome, Sarah. I’m sure you already know this, but you’re in very good company!

  5. I love those names! Growing up, I had a big, fluffy orange cat named Gizmo (can you tell what era I grew up in?)

  6. Sarah says:

    You guys all rule!!! Thank you Shauna and thank you fellow animal lovers for your awesome-ness!!
    You know why animal lovers rule? cuz they love animals AND they love animal lovers. 🙂

  7. @Sarah- Thank you again for taking part! You have a beautiful family! Love your earrings in that first shot, by the way 🙂