R.O.A.R. Squad: Jolanta and her dog, Juniper

R.O.A.R. Squad: Jolanta and her dog, Juniper

I am very excited to introduce the latest R.O.A.R. Squad member, Jolanta Benal! I was doing a little google-stalking research and Jolanta has done, and is doing, a tremendous amount of work out there in the dog training world. Check out Jolanta’s tips on DoggedHealth and Quick and Dirty Tips– welcome to the R.O.A.R. Squad!

What does the R.O.A.R. Squad stand for? Rescue Owners Are Rockin’! Learn more!

The Rockin’ Rescue Owner: Jolanta Benal

The Rescue Pets: Juniper; our elderly lady dog, Izzy (Isabella), died in May. There are some cats, too …

About Jolanta: I live in Brooklyn with my partner and a whole bunch of other mammals. I see private clients in Brooklyn and Manhattan, teaching pet-dog manners and (mostly) working with problem behaviors, especially aggression. I also write “Ask the Trainer,” a Q&A on www.doggedhealth.com, and present the podcast/article series “The Dog Trainer’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Teaching and Caring for Your Pet,” http://dogtrainer.quickanddirtytips.com. (Editors note: The title Jolanta included in her write up was Behavior Modification and Noncoercive Training Geek. Go ahead and try to say that 3 times fast!)

“False” Pregnancy: Juni’s mother was picked up off the street in the Bronx and diagnosed with false pregnancy. Friends of ours were fostering her; the false pregnancy turned out to be 7 puppies; hey presto! We got a dog.

Rescue Org: If I hadn’t adopted Juni directly from his mother’s rescuer, I would have been looking at New York City Animal Care and Control, our city’s full-service municipal shelter: http://www.nycacc.org/

About Juniper: Juni is most likely a Pit Bull mix and will be 9 in December. You can’t have an argument around Juni, because as soon as the four-letter words come out he gets all anxious and pitiful. He is a clicker-training fool and learns everything I can teach him as fast as I can teach it. I once caught a two-year-old child chewing on his tail like a corncob while I chatted with the two-year-old’s dad.

Where: New York

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5 Responses to “R.O.A.R. Squad: Jolanta and her dog, Juniper”

  1. Maggie says:

    Oh, what a cutie!! And the image of the two-year-old chewing on his tail like a corncob cracked me up!

  2. Kari says:

    a two year old chewing on his tail? thats one patient pup!


    • @Kari & Maggie- I know! Over the weekend a wee little boy walked up to Kayloo and started smooshing her face in his hands. The mother was horrified, but Kayloo was loving it. The mom said, “gentle, play with the puppy in a gentle way” and the little boy was all, I NEED TO GET MY FINGERS ALL UP UNDER PUPPY’S GUMS. Mom finally gave up and Kayloo disappointedly watched the little boy waddle away.

  3. I didn’t know people diagnosed dogs with false pregnancies. That must have been a huge surprise when the puppies finally came. And Juni is so adorable.

  4. laura says:

    I love how comfortable Juniper looks on that couch with all the blankets and books all over the place…. What a wonderful dog friendly atmosphere! We have but one futon in our apartment and guess who ‘owns’ it? Certainly not us.