R.O.A.R. Squad: Anne, Don and Will and their dogs Zoey, Leroy and Stella

R.O.A.R. Squad: The beautiful Davidson Family!

A huge welcome to the R.O.A.R. Squad, Davidson Family! Will you PLEASE look at Little Will? He is our youngest R.O.A.R. Squad member yet, and I gotta tell ya, I cannot get enough of his itty bitty khaki shorts!  

Welcome you guys! You are tremendous role models and I am so happy to have you part of the Squad! Check out their fantastic story and photos after the jump!

The Rockin’ Rescue Owners: Anne (Good) Davidson and Don Davidson and 10 month old son, Will

Zoey Anne Marie

The Gorgeous Pups: Zoey (white Chihuahua who is my favorite mistake and not a rescue dog), Leroy (brindle Chihuahua) and Stella (Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell mix)

About Anne, Don and Will: Anne is the creator of A.G. Out Loud,  a dog blog with a passion for dog rescue.  By day she is an esthetician and Mom to 10 month old Will. Don runs his blog www.donpdavidson.com and is a marketing director/401 advisor for a small investment firm by day. Obviously, Will runs the Davidson household. Anne and Don met when they were in college at the University of Iowa and are proud Iowa Hawkeye fans.

Zoey Anne Marie: Zoey was my favorite mistake. I bought her at a pet store on a whim and I didn’t even know what a puppy mill was at that point. Shortly after getting her, while learning more about Chihuahuas online, I realized that by getting her at a pet store, I had supported the horrific puppy mill industry. I then vowed that not only would I never buy a dog again, but I’d also make it my mission to educate people how to get a dog in a responsible way. I figured that if I didn’t know the connection between pet stores and puppy mills that other people probably didn’t either. In 2009, I started A.G. Out Loud in order to promote dog rescue and educate people about puppy mills and pet stores (as well as to talk about all things dog!). Zoe always wants to be on someone’s lap. She prefers humans to other dogs and loves to play catch with her mini tennis ball. She’s an expert at catching the ball in the air! She will come running if she hears the names of her favorite people, such as “Grandma”, Uncle Steve”, “Uncle Brian”, “Kiki”, etc.  She is known to paw at people if they aren’t petting her enough! She’s a great cuddler and quite the little prancer when she walks. Her nicknames include Zoey Girl, Zoester, Alonzo, Missy, Miss Zoey, Babycakes, Snowflake, Mrs. Wigglesworth, Zoey Chocolips Good.

Bad, bad Leroy Jose Miguel

Leroy Jose Miguel: Leroy was adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society (www.nehumanesociety.org). I was looking at their available dogs online one night and saw little Leroy’s picture (who was then called “Gizmo”). I left his picture and profile up on the computer for Don to see in the morning. When I was at work the next day, I felt the need to leave early to go down with Don to see Leroy. Luckily my boss (who was a huge dog lover) let me leave early because we got there five minutes before another girl who was interested in Leroy (and it’s first come first serve when it comes to pet adoption).  Leroy was around five months old and was found wandering the parking lot of Nebraska Furniture Mart when the Humane Society found him. He was skinny and had a scab on his little snout. We gladly took him into their family and he and Zoey became the best of friends. Leroyis our chill boy. He loves to “talk” when he plays and is also a great cuddler. Leroy is obsessed with Abi, the neighbor dog and will lay on our deck forever just waiting for him to come outside or to watch him and bark at him. Leroy is an expert “bed maker” and can burrow under anything. He was the first one to know when I was pregnant and always wanted to be on my lap. He would even growl when Don came to pick him up off my lap! His nicknames are Bubby, Bubs, Mister, Mister Man, Le’ Roy, Baby Bubby Boy, Bubbert, Bubby Ganoush, L.L. LJ (Ladies Love Leroy Jose)

Stella Louise

Stella Louise: Stella was adopted from S.T.A.F.F. (Society for Treatment of Abused & Fractured Friends). We had always been curious about owning an Italian Greyhound, but were concerned with their fragility given that they were going to start a family soon. I just happened to be looking on Petfinder one day and saw Stella’s picture (who was then called “Reds”). Since Stella was mixed with a Jack Russell, she was a little thicker than most Italian Greyhounds and that was appealing.  Stella was an accidental breeding of an Italian Greyhound and a Jack Russell at a puppy mill down by the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. The puppy mill owner (evil man that he was) didn’t want her and was going to just “get rid of her.” That’s when someone convinced him to surrender her and brought her to S.T.A.F.F.. After much discussion and convincing, I swayed Don to let us adopt her. You can read more about Stella’s adoption here, here, and here. Stella is our Jeckle and Hyde dog. She’s either “Crazy Crackhead Stella” and barks a ton, runs around, picks fights with Zoey and Leroy and gets into trouble or she’s “Sweetheart Stella” and just wants to cuddle and be a lover. She is obsessed with playing catch and if you play with her she will be your friend for life…and will never leave you alone! She could spend hours chasing the neighbor dog along our fence and loves to lie on the deck while eating ice. Her nicknames are Stella Bella, Flying Noodle, Noodle, Stella Girl, Miss Stella, Weezie, Big Lug and Big Red Lug.

Triple (Good) Threat: All three dogs LOVE eating flossies, taking walks, hovering around baby Will’s high chair waiting for him to drop food, wearing their Iowa Hawkeye gear during football games, going to Dogtopia to play with their doggie friends, taking naps with anyone who will let them, giving kisses, and lots of lovin, cuddling and petting.

Where: Bennington, Nebraska

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  1. Kari says:

    Bad bad Leroy is a beautiful boy 🙂


  2. I love how she was your “favorite mistake”. I know Chihuahuas are like pitbulls that they’re overpopulated at the shelter and often seen as a cast-off “toy” (thanks Paris Hilton!). I’m actually from Nebraska also; I grew up in Lincoln.

  3. Mickey (our first dog) was our “favourite mistake.” It’s all about learning, right?

  4. laura says:

    I think Stella was entering into her Crazy Crackhead phase in that last picture!

  5. matt says:

    Like your blog. Sending best wishes from Viena.

  6. deneme says:

    Excellent informations for me. Your post has good quality. I want to has good posts like yours in my website. How do you find these posts?

  7. Ashley says:

    Anne’s blog is one of my faves! Her dogs are just so darn cute (especially that Stella. Her jet black nose and eyes just steal my heart).