kind of endearing

The seagulls on the island I live on are the size of healthy, well-fed cats. I am not kidding you. They are freaking gigantic. As adults they have these beautiful, lily white feathers that lay smoothly across their fat bellies and their babies soon become gigantic, grey things that NEVER SHUT UP. Never EVER. These “chicks” have the kind of annoying squawk that can send otherwise sane individuals out of their homes in the early morning hours, sporting frilly pajamas and screaming bloody murder into the air with some violent fist shaking action.  

But the fact that they seek out each other’s company when they hang out around the docks is kind of endearing.

Kind of.

6 Responses to “kind of endearing”

  1. Kari says:

    It makes me think of Finding Nemo

  2. Kim says:

    You always take beautiful, inviting photos! So yes, we’ve got good and plenty of them around here too and they can be annoying but, I find them so interesting to watch that they are indeed endearing as well ;-)

  3. I didn’t realize it was an island! Now it seems so much more magical. No wonder you always have amazing photos. We have a similar thing out here in Chicago… but it’s the rats. Though not quite as charming seeing them huddled in an alley.

  4. @Kim- Thank you! I agree watching them is lovely… listening to them @ 3am SUCKS ;)

  5. @Two- It is quite lovely here on the island… not so lovely to get on and off via the ferry, but once you’re here it rocks :) I would LOVE to see a whole gaggle of rats! That would be insane… OH. Have you every heard of a bunch of mice/rats all running over each other and then they freak out and they start to tumble and get all caught up in each other because their tails are freaking and… ewww. Strange tangent I went on there…

    And thanks for the photos kudos! :)