bathroom break

They were waiting for me to come back from the ladies room after eating our brunch in the late October sun.

What? That’s what they were doing.

8 Responses to “bathroom break”

  1. Ha! I wondered who was taking a bathroom break in the pic ;)

  2. The pooches look so anxious!

  3. @Lori- Me… I’m feeling like I should have the decency to be sheepish right now… :)

  4. @Two- Mickey is usually happy to sit around (always) but Kayloo was DEFinitely ready to get going :)

  5. Kari says:

    He looks happy to see you. The dogs look very skeptical


  6. @Kari- Ha! Yeah, the dogs are thinking, “Ya got food? No? Whatever”

  7. Mel says:

    Such a great shot! I love how Kayloo is peaking out from behind your husband’s legs. Very cute!

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