double the fun

Disclaimer #1: Hi! I just want to tell you that this is a sponsored post. But don’t worry, it’s not spammy or anything, promise. Reader’ is the sponsor (they have a Pets section). This is exciting because I remember reading stacks of Reader’s Digest issues when I was a kid! I would also like to call special attention to their Adopting Animal Companions in Need section- they didn’t ask me to do that, I just think it is so important to get the word out to adopt, don’t shop. Yeah for rescues!

Disclaimer #2: I am using this post as an unabashed excuse to post puppy pictures of my dogs, Mickey and Kayloo. PUPPIES!!! Squeee!

People often ask me if having two dogs is as insane as it seems it could be: two dogs to walk/drag through the wind, rain and heat; two squirmy bodies to pay for at the vet; two bobbing tails to keep track of at the dog park; two sets of nasty doo bags to tote around…

Yes. Occasionally it can be a royal drag to have two dogs to chase after (please see “two sets of nasty doo bags” above).

But 99% of the time it. is. awesome. Whether my husband, John and I are watching Kayloo sneakily manipulate Mickey off the best cushion in the living room, or Mickey launching himself down the hallway to bodyslam the back of Kayloo’s head, all we can say to each other is this: I am so glad we have two.

Me, John and Mickey, B.K. (Before Kayloo)

John and I adopted Kayloo when Mickey was 7 months old. Kayloo was 2 1/2 months old. Before Kayloo entered our lives, nearly every night I would watch Mickey play with his reflection in our floor length mirror. He would paw at himself  and pad back and forth in his straight-legged puppy march, bonking his fuzzy little head into the glass in his exuberance. Dog Mom Guilt set in: I needed to get this guy a friend. 

Once John and I were in agreement that a second dog was in our near future we came up with some criteria:

  • Dog #2 would be roughly the same size as Mickey (20-25 lbs);
  • Dog #2 would have short hair (ideally something that wouldn’t shed much- ha! ha! ho! hee! ha! ha!);
  • Dog breed wasn’t hugely important, just as long as Dog #2 was small-ish.

And so my stalking began in earnest.

Kayloo's picture. Omg.

I found a Mickey look-a-like (omg how CUTE!!!)… but she was located a bit further away than we had originally planned on treking. I found Boston Terriers, Chihuahuas, Min Pins and Jack Russels galore. I couldn’t believe how many puppies and pure breeds were available for adoption.

And then we saw Kayloo. Pretty, baby Kayloo. And I was smitten.

But Mickey? Mickey most certainly was not smitten. When it first became clear Kayloo was here to stay Mickey was completely put out. Kayloo would paw at him… Mickey would turn around. Kayloo would fall in a clumsy play bow in his honour… Mickey would walk away. If Mickey could have pulled off a “talk to the hand,” I’m sure he would have.

Not only were our dogs NOT basking in the puppy love we had arranged for them, but our Dog #2 criteria had completey flown out the window:

  • Kayloo started out the same size as Mickey but grew to a svelte 50lbs;
  • She has short hair alright, but oh does that dog shed (ah well);
  • As far as breed, she’s a pittie crossed with an Australian Cattle dog and a few other things- but just as with all the other criteria we thought were important to us, breed doesn’t mean a lick when you fall head over heels in love.

Eventually Mickey got over his jealousy and Kayloo stopped sitting on him. Mickey let go of his oath to ignore that blasted Kayloo until the day he died… and Kayloo stopped sitting on him.

And now they play. They wrestle, and chew on each other, and play keep away, and engage in epic games of tug-of-war. They fight sometimes, I’d say there is usually a squabble of some sort every day or two… but they also groom each other and share cushions and snuggle when it’s cold.

My two little monsters are bonded now and I am so glad they have each other. When they wreck my stuff I am less wooed by their cuteness… but mostly I love every second of watching a pile of two pups slowly falling asleep on each other.

10 Responses to “double the fun”

  1. Kristine says:

    Yeah for rescues! Yeah for puppy photos! Yeah for sending this to my husband to convince him we need another dog!

    This really gets me in the gut, especially the last photo. While I know we should wait, the more I read posts from multiple dog homes, the more I really want another. I’ve never lived in a house with more than one dog before so I know it will be a challenge for me. But it’s a challenge I am dying to take on. It’s so hard to be good and proper about it. I know we shouldn’t bring another dog into our home yet but… This post is not helping!

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  3. @Kristine- There was a lot of humming and hahing before we went ahead and adopted Kayloo, you are very right there is a lot to consider. It’s more expensive and you have to invest more time into tiring them out so they don’t band forces to dismantle your house… but if it’s right for you, it is awesome 🙂

  4. Kim says:

    As piglet says: “It’s so much more friendly with two.” 🙂 When I was adopting out rescues and running a shelter I always encouraged people to adopt two because in my own experience, it is always so much better for your doggies. I’ve never had just one – at the moment, I have 3 rescues and they love each other so much and provide each other with entertainment and companionship, which is so helpful when I can’t be here or I’m busy. Love your sweeties puppy photos! Hugs!

  5. @Kim- I didn’t realize you used to run a rescue! That is so interesting! R.O.A.R. Squad info on the way 🙂

  6. Heather says:

    Great post Shauna! I totally agree that everything falls away when you have pets as their ability to love unconditionally is so beautiful to be a part of. My cat, who currently lives with my mum, is just like that. She’s now 19 (she was born in my closet by a rugged rescue) and although in her youth she would leave offerings of mice and birds at my door for breakfast (not a great sight at 6am and we had to get her a bell collar so she couldn’t sneak up unawares), the days she would snore like a little train laying upside down in my violin case while I practiced, or followed me around my newspaper route like a puppy, and always thought that the most appropriate time and place to snuggle was right on top of my chest while I was studying, made everything seem ok.

  7. @Heather- That is such a beautiful tribute to your cat, Heather! Thank you so much for your comment! Love this: “she would snore like a little train laying upside down in my violin case.”

    We will have to get you to join the R.O.A.R. Squad!


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  9. JessieDae says:

    Thank you for posting how much better it is with TWO! From the moment we started looking we knew we wanted two … yes, double the chewing – yes, double the messes … but double the cute factor too! Plus, they have each other to buddy around with. From here on out, we only intend to add one dog at a time to our little family pack … so this will be our only time raising two together … and its been an expirence (ignoring those times when one had to go out so we headed downstairs … but then other refused the take the stairs … so I went back for him and in the meantime the first one wizzled on the floor … so I went to get paper towels and the second one wizzled on the floor … augh! That only happened once thank goodness,… fool me twice, shame on me!)

    We rescued Otto and Patton and super young pups (11 and 8 weeks) … and they are now bonded completely. (See Otto’s Letter to his Rescue Org –

    I have to say, I think that if either of them were a single dog, they would be different … and have a different personality … and Otto would most certainly be overweight without all of Patton’s begging to play … but, having them together has been amazing … and wonderful. Wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  10. Gigi says:

    I also think it’s so much nicer for pets to have a furry friend in the household! My rescue kitty, Linden is an only cat. I was hoping he’d get along better with the 2 bunnies (who love each other to death, yay for companion bunnies who are bonded), but he just wants to rough house with them and they get tired of him quickly. I think he needs a cat friend, but at the same time, I don’t want to turn into crazy bunny/cat lady! 🙂 But we shall see….. maybe another cute little kitten 😉