one minute from the holidays

Rebeccah, my brothers girlfriend, Chad, my brother in the middle there, and the guy who needs no introdution: The John.

For Christmas John got me a camera. It’s a Canon Rebel T2i. It is absolutely rad. I am completely in love with it. I took THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS with it so far (I have taken roughly 8,564 other photos as well but there is only so much time to edit and upload photos in a day and although John, as my doting husband, is contractually required to look at the same mossy stump photographed with 27 different settings I am under no pretense that you guys would stick around if I subjected you to that. You’re welcome).

I am pretty sure the dogs and John and my parents and my brother and his girlfriend and perfect strangers have all uttered at some point, whether under their breath, in their heads or at the top of their lungs, “GET THAT FREAKING THING OUT OF MY FACE RIGHT THIS SECOND, YOU OBSESSED, CAMERA-HAPPY CRAZY LENS-IN-MY-FACE WOMAN.”

I think this roughly translates to, “I am so glad you have chosen my every action to be your current test subject, please remember that my left is my best side and could you sign this napkin so it will be worth something when you catapult to your rightful place in the Camera-Happy Photographer Stardom Hall of Fame.”

In this photo:

  • Where: This is Christmas Day at my parents house. John and I were there for over a week and, oh, it feels so good to go home.
  • Who: That guy in the middle is my brother, Chad. I am told we look a lot alike… that lucky devil. On the left is Chad’s girlfriend, Rebeccah. John tried to cheat and tell her all the wrong rules to chess, but she’s a smart cookie and came very close to whooping him. I am guessing John won’t be so lucky when their next duel comes around.
  • What: Rebeccah is wearing the necklace John and I got her for Christmas. I love that necklace. It’s by an artist I can’t remember the name of from Winnepeg- I found it at Nicholas Randall, fantastic store.
  • What else: The tattered wrapping paper and the apple and orange are from someone’s stocking- Mom Santa always puts an apple, an orange and a whole bunch of nuts in the toe of our stockings. Plus a whole bunch of presents. Santa is awesome.
  • What else else: This was Day #1 with my rockin’ new camera. This was the day John realized that with his gift he had created… a monster.

{insert evil laughter here.}

Whatever. Who’s going to thank me the next time they want to be taken through a minute-by-minute shake down of the holidays? They are, that’s who!

And you if you come to visit me… LUCKY. YOU.

9 Responses to “one minute from the holidays”

  1. Kristine says:

    Yay! I am saving my pennies, literally, for a new camera so I am totally jealous you got this awesome one as a gift. I have heard good things about it but still haven’t decided which way I want to go. Judging by your photos, the Canon is a fantastic choice!

    Happy Friday!

  2. I feel your pain. I took a zillion photos over the holidays and yet to go through them all. Great photo…I love being able to take low-light shots with the DSLR!

  3. Kim says:

    I know nothing about cameras but from your reaction sounds like you got a good one! I just wish I would remember to use my own little, cheap camera so I could have just a few pictures to share once in a while. I love that chess board – snazzy 🙂

  4. @Kristine- Happy Friday to you! John did a bunch of research (super star) & apparently this is a totally kick ass camera (WOW. I clearly need lessons so I can take “apparently” out of my description!). I was also using my dad’s fancy Nikon over the holidays & that was really fabulous too.

  5. @Lori- Me too! I love that the image stabilizer works with the flash off… that blows me away!

  6. @Kim- It is a snazzy chess board! It’s my parents… I have no idea how to play chess… John was very happy that Rebeccah played with him! The rest of us drank coffee… 😉

  7. So exciting about your camera. I actually would be interested in seeing how you’re learning and taking pictures and the different settings that I don’t know much about. We’re going to get the new Nikon, but right now it’s on super backorder so we’re still waiting….

  8. Pup Fan says:

    Congrats on the new camera… apparently it was the season for new holiday cameras! 🙂

  9. Kari says:

    Ive never understood chess. I prefer card games 🙂 Cribbage rocks