R.O.A.R. Squad: Louise and Peter and their dog, Ollie

I am super excited to introduce to you our latest R.O.A.R. Squad members: Louise and Peter and their dog, Ollie from Utah!

Louise and Peter are both performers with the Utah Symphony and Louise is a pilot with Pilots N Paws, an amazing organization that facilitates the transportation of animals in need.

This is just so exciting- THANK YOU both so very much for taking part in the R.O.A.R. Squad!

If you would like to be profiled in the R.O.A.R. Squad all the info you need to do so is HERE. A special shout out to fabulous folks in South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming and the Yukon– we need you!

Rockin’ Rescue Owners: My name is Louise and my husband is Peter and we have a Shih-tzu called Ollie who is around 3 yrs old. We adopted him on May 1st 2010 at the super adoption event held at Petsmart in Salt Lake City from the Salt Lake County Animal Services Shelter.

As Fate Would Have It: We had not seriously thought about or discussed getting a pet although we had both grown up around animals when we were younger (my parents had a Jack Russel & then later a Bichon Frise & Pete had a Westie when he was a child). The day I met Ollie I was driving home from the West side of the valley when I saw the tents set up in the parking lot outside Petsmart and knew there was an adoption event going on. For whatever reason, I was compelled to go “take a look” even though I had work that night and had a bunch of errands to finish. I miraculously found a parking spot (Saturday afternoon, Costco next door, NOT exactly a quiet day!) and walked into the very first tent which happened to be the one occupied by the SL County Animal Services.

Not Going Back in That Cage: At the end of the first row of cages was one which held 3 or 4 smaller dogs and there was a volunteer who saw me looking at the information tags hanging on the cage and asked if there was a particular dog I was interested in meeting. I immediately replied, “Yes, the shih-tzu called ‘Ali.'” He seemed very good natured, mellow and not at all bothered by all the barking dogs around him. I was able to walk him a round a bit and he was so happy to snuggle in my lap. The more we hung out together the more obvious it was that he was probably not going back in that cage and the volunteers were beginning to ask me if I wanted to start filling out the adoption forms. I said I would have to make a phone call to my husband and told him that there was a dog that I thought he should meet, luckily he was able to come down to meet us and the rest is history!

Drop Box Puppy: We renamed him Ollie and although on his information tag it said he “was not very interested in food or toys,” he is now a very healthy eater and has an entire crate filled with toys all of which he loves equally! We found out that he was dropped off at the “drop box” at the shelter as a stray so we have no history of his early years but he was housetrained and very well socialized so whoever had him as a puppy took good care of him. He was extremely matted when he came to the shelter so they had to shave his body but left a lot of hair on his head so he looked a bit like a bobble head when we first got him!

Louise with Precious & Baybee after arriving in Idaho Falls & Pilot Jerry Cain who then flew them on to Montana

A Symphony of Fun: My husband and I both play for the Utah Symphony and so work the same schedule, often at night. My mother-in-law lives next door and since she is elderly and is at home much of the time, she is the ideal babysitter for Ollie. She adores him and he is excited to have not one, but two homes he can call his own. He is perfectly content to nap with her as much as possible!

Pilots N Paws: What may have possibly precipitated our adoption of Ollie is the fact I am also a volunteer pilot for Pilots N Paws, an organization that flies rescue animals from bad situations to rescue/foster/permanent facilities. A few months prior, I had flown a pair of shih-tzu’s (Precious & Baybee) from Salt Lake to Idaho, en route to a permanent home in Montana from Missouri where their owner had died and they were scheduled to be euthanized.  I had no intention of adopting a dog or a shih-tzu in particular after that flight, although they were the sweetest little dogs and were the perfect passengers. Perhaps they sent Ollie my way as a “thank you” for saving their lives.

Where: Salt Lake City, Utah

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8 Responses to “R.O.A.R. Squad: Louise and Peter and their dog, Ollie”

  1. Kari says:

    Ive always wanted to name a dog Ollie, that was to be Baily’s name if we adopted a boy


  2. Kristine says:

    Pilots N’ Paws sounds like such a fantastic program! What a creative and stellar way to help out animals in need. I love that there are so many organisations like this I have never even heard of. What would we do without people like Louise and Peter. Yay for little Ollie!

  3. Kim says:

    I read about Pilots N Paws a few months ago and think it’s just wonderful! Glad to read about another good ending story for a homeless animal. Honestly, I cannot allow myself to go to Petco or Petsmart on a Saturday because I know I will leave with another dog or cat. And a three dog, two cat family is big enough for now. Anyway, I’m so glad there are good people, angels, that stop by 😉

  4. @Kari- I love the name Ollie as well!

    @Kristine- Isn’t it great? They are doing such a great thing volunteering their time in this way!

    @Kim- Three dogs and 2 cats- that must be such a great home! I think our next pet will be a cat 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    “Perhaps they sent Ollie my way as a “thank you” for saving their lives.” Oh man, that made me tear up. What a sweet story! And you sound like such an interesting person – a musician and pilot who plays music by day and rescues puppies by night! Okay, that’s probably not how it works, but it sounds good. What a cool organization Pilots N Paws sounds like. I wish I had a talent like that to donate to the cause!

  6. I believe in dog soulmates too, and it looks like you have a good match. And your rescue organization looks really cool too.

  7. @Heather- That line got me too! I have yet to receive an entry that hasn’t made me smile, or laugh… or tear up! Usually all three 🙂

    @Two- I heard of Pilots N Paws a little while ago- I am blown away by all they do!

  8. Trude says:

    What a great story! It’s funny how sometimes you’re just drawn to the exact right dog for you – same thing happened when I met Dante. 🙂 Ollie is super cute!