R.O.A.R. Squad: Julie and James and their dog, Kittie

A great big welcome to our latest R.O.A.R. Squad members from Ohio! Hello Julie and James, wonderful to have you!

Julie and James are a brother and sister team who run a dog training business “accidently” specializing in agility. Read how that came about after the jump!  

If you would like to be profiled in the R.O.A.R. Squad all the info you need to do so is HERE. A special shout out to fabulous folks in South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming and the Yukon– we need you!

Rockin’ Rescue Owners: Brother and sister team Julie and James Nutter (check out Julie’s blog, The Koda Diaries).

Gorgeous pups: Kittie (profiled here). We also have Cosmo, rescued lab/shep; Maggie, a rescued puggle; Faylie, an imperial shih tzu; Kei, an aussie; Koda, an aussie; and Spike, a soon to be rescued border collie. We have no idea what breed Kittie is. Collie/ Shepherd/ Greyhound/ thingamajigger… She’s just Kittie. Well, if we want to talk about breeds, I suppose it’d be more accurate to say she’s a baby deer trapped in a dog’s body. She’s almost 3 years old.

About Julie and James: My brother and I run North East Dog Training, LLC. We work in association with (are contracted out to) Paws N Claws of Streestsboro, Ohio, and Signature K-9 of Alliance, Ohio. We accidentally specialize in agility. We work with a lot with fearful dogs, and using the agility equipment can be good for confidence building and teamwork. Somehow, it all exploded into a huge program that we teach at the two separate facilities. We also apprentice under a certified behaviorist (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)) so we work with a lot of fearful/reactive dogs. They are my favorite, because they remind me of Kittie, and because I KNOW they can be worked with and are worth all of the work. We also work with rescues and have fostered in the past. In fact, our two newest dogs (Kei and Koda) are the very first dogs we’ve ever gotten from a breeder. Ever. And we have six going on seven dogs.

A Necessity, Really: We decided to get a dog after my sister was pet-sitting a dog named Maggie for a friend. By the time Maggie left my brother and I became convinced that we couldn’t do without a dog. So, we found one.

Meant to Be: Out of all the dogs we could have picked, we got the trash-can-eater who was hiding in the back looking like someone had tried to drown her and she’d barely survived. I mean, who wants a happy puppy? Let’s get the scaredy one! Now, I’d do it on purpose but at the time it was an accident that we picked the most fearful one. When I first saw her she reminded me of a dog who’d just come out of a warzone. I wasn’t leaving her there. There was nothing in that world that could have prompted me to leave her there. So, she came home with us.

Perfectly Kittie: Kittie is a goof. She’s worried. She’s always worried about something – she even wears her worried face most of the time. Although, whenever it’s time to have fun, she decides to do the border collie stare (butt higher than head, which is low and READY TO GO!). She has no idea how to be a dog and is terrified of tennis balls. However, sometimes she’s just a dog. She loves to be petted and adored, and even TRIES to go up to strange people to be loved. But she’s afraid of strange people, so she’s never quite sure how to accomplish pettings from the weirdos without danger to herself.

Where: North Eastern Ohio

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11 Responses to “R.O.A.R. Squad: Julie and James and their dog, Kittie”

  1. Kari says:

    A dog named kittie, I love it


  2. Jen says:

    We are from Northeastern Ohio! I must go over and get out their site! They look like an awesome team:)

  3. Peggy says:

    Love the picture of Kittie on the log. She sure found a great home!

  4. Kristine says:

    I have loved her blog for a long time now. So happy they joined the R.O.A.R. Squad!

  5. @Kari- I thought that was pretty cute too 🙂

    @Jen- You should! You can see from their site that they do a lot!

    @Peggy- She definiitely has it made!

    @Kristine- Me too!

  6. alexa says:

    Yay for fellow Ohioans! 🙂 And for aussies too of course. 😉

  7. Trude says:

    Such a great story, and I love the photos! So awesome!

  8. Heather says:

    I love that first picture and the first thing I thought of was Greyhound so I can see where you get that in the mix. I also love how you said, “who wants a happy puppy, let’s get the scaredy one!” That is totally me, too. I fostered many amazing, well-socialized, healthy dogs, but when the crazy, unsocialized dog with tons of issues came to me as a foster, SHE is who I chose to adopt. Of course. 🙂 Welcome to the Squad!

  9. @Alexa- We still need to profile you!

    @Trude- I know, they are clearly a very happy bunch 🙂

    @Heather- I love how she said “I KNOW they can be worked with and are worth all of the work.” There is always a line that really makes me smile with every new R.O.A.R. Squad entry- I think this was the one for me for Julie’s profile 🙂

  10. Kim says:

    Thank goodness for people like this that will take in the hard to place ones – the “scaredy” ones! I love the photo of Kittie in the green shirt! More great R.O.A.R. Squad members and angels on this earth – yeah!

  11. JJ says:

    @ Kari – Our story is that “Deer In the Headlights Trapped in a Dog’s Body” wouldn’t fit on the paper work, so we went with Kittie for Scaredy Cat. =]

    @ Jen – Thank you! We do our best! =] If you’re interested in having some good old fashioned doggie fun (via agility, obed, etc) my email is jaennutter@gmail.com. You are always more than welcome to come to one of our facilities. We’d love to have you (and your pups!)

    @ Peggy – Kittie will sit on whatever you point at. She’s silly like that. I think we were more lucky in finding her than she us – without her, we wouldn’t be where we are. =]

    @ Kristine – Fancy meeting you here! ;] and thank you; I always appreciate the nice things you say about the blog. =P

    @ Alexa – you have just become my favorite person. LOL. Not such a big fan of Ohio (darn weather!!!!!) but <3 Aussies for sure. =]

    @ Trude – Thank you so very much. I had to try and keep the story short. LOL. It's a long one.

    @ Heather – Thanks for the welcome. And I know what you mean. I always manage to pick the crazy dog. They're more fun, and they always end up having such great personalities. Always entertaining and delightful. =]

    @ Kim – Eh. We did imprinting with the litter of puppies from the breeder… and I still took home the scaredy one. ;] Wouldn't have it any other way. We like our project dogs. TY for the welcome. =]