as reflected in the mircrowave

An inexpensive cab sauv with a funky label. Awesome.

Me reflected in the mircrowave. Wicked.

Pairs well with Doritos. Fancy.

(I thought it was a fine table wine. These guys didn’t like. Evidently I am the majority. I win.)

Happy Saturday!

12 Responses to “as reflected in the mircrowave”

  1. And I’m liking your camera skills. We just got a DSLR, but I still need to learn how to use it.

  2. Kari says:

    fits my requirements, red wine/10 bucks or less/cool label. I’d buy it!


  3. my… what a shiny clean microwave you have!!! 🙂

  4. Kristine says:

    Love the label, it makes it look pricey. It’s awesome finding wine you can pair with a bag of chips. Doesn’t happen often enough. 🙂

  5. Love the shot! I’m not a wine snob, so any wine that goes with Doritos is okay by me 😛

  6. @Two- Thank you! My camera totally intimidates me. I’m trying to find photography blogs to help with my learning- I’ve found this one is case it helps you!

    @Kari- The label won me over 🙂

    @Angelina- Ha! When I read your comment I had to rush back to check if there were any finger prints on it 😉

    @Kristine- Truth be told I pair pretty much everything with a bag of chips 😉

    @Karen- Thank you! I was at an event and I was talking with someone who had heard of my blog and as they handed me a glass of wine they said, “This may not be as nice as what you are used to,” and I had to say, “Oh no, no, no… not a wine snob at all!” What I *should* start saying is “My wine has to be good enough to drink with a crinkly bag of something salty.” 😉

  7. I am the biggest sucker for wine labels…which means we’ve had our fair share of really terrible wine. Fab photo!

    Here’s a blog I’ve been following…it’s great for dog photography and includes tips and tutorials.

  8. Kim says:

    The name sounds pricey to me but glad to know it isn’t as I’ll try to find one – don’t eat doritos but would love to find a wine that goes well with popcorn 😉

  9. @Lori- Thank you for that suggestion- I am now collecting photog tutorial blogs !

    @Kim- To show how un-wine-snobby I am: I think wine goes with everything: Chips, popcorn… you name it! Except dessert… I like to finish my wine before starting dessert. I have standards, you know.


  10. @Lori- Can I say again what a GREAT help the link you shared is? To everyone in case you didn’t see it:

    You gotta check it out!

  11. So glad you like it. She’s crazy talented. I’ve watched her video tutorials a million times and plan on buying Totally Rad Actions soon!

  12. Abigail says:

    Sounds like a great evening to me