R.O.A.R Squad: Diane and her dogs, Care Bear, Clint and Reba

Care Bear

And here you have it, folks! The last R.O.A.R. Squad member: Diane Carrier from Newfoundland, Canada!

I think it is fitting that Diane’s post should mark the final post of the April 2010 – April 2011 round of the R.O.A.R. Squad project.

Diane considered herself your “average dog lover” who, after basking in the unconditional love of her pet Pomeranians, and then sadly losing them one by one, was catipulted into activism after seeing Care Bear’s gorgeous face on the evening news after a puppy mill raid.

The reality is there are a lot of dogs out there, like Care Bear was, in exceedingly dire situations. The only way it is going to end is if we put puppy mills and backyard breeders out of business. We need to reduce demand for their “product.” If no one buys from them they won’t make money and these people will go into some other business.

Go to your local rescue organization or shelter when you decide to add a pet to your family. Shelters are struggling under the never ending influx animals to care for- you have the power to change this.

Adopt. Don’t Shop.

Thank you so much to Diane for joining the R.O.A.R. Squad! Read more about her story after the jump.

Learn more about the R.O.A.R Squad (Rescue Owners Are Rockin!) HERE.

Diane and Care Bear

Rockin’ Rescue Owner: Diane Carrier

About Diane: I’ve always been a dog lover my whole life and have to confess I’m partial to multiples! Both because I prefer it and I know they do too. Winning combination there! There’s not a breed, crossbreed or just a good old fashion “mutt” that I don’t love. I literally drool over a German Shepherd for example! LOVE big dogs! So how did I end up with poms? My ex husband, who does love dogs, didn’t think big ones belonged in the house so I compromised and down sized because a pom is a big dog in a small package. Don’t feel sorry for me though because in the end, I won… I ended up with 6 poms instead of the one big one. Right now I’m Mom to 2 rescued Pomeranians and if all goes well (fingers crossed!) a third one that needs rescuing will be joining our family as soon as the adoption process is complete.

Happy to be Part of the Squad: I salute Shauna for her whole concept of R.O.A.R. and am honoured that Tracy Laporte Marcotullio from New Brunswick, Canada, a lady I greatly admire for all the work she does, recommended me.


Ladies Man: Clint is my three legged, blind in one eye clown who EVERYONE falls IMMEDIATELY in love with because… well, just because he’s him! Clint loves company, anyone can come into the house, no problem but leave and what an ongoing ruckus for usually 15 mins or more… he doesn’t even have to know them and they didn’t even have to pay any attention to him while they were here… just don’t leave! Though fixed, he’s got a LOT of playboy still in him. Like all playboys he wants a woman in his bed at night, hahaha, so his solution is to rotate between whichever sister happens to be here (right now my younger sister is staying with us). This means Clint has a new bed mate right? Partially! When the older sister comes in for the weekend the younger sister is dumped for a new woman with even MORE experience in belly rubs and he’s all over the older one and sleeps with her! Once she goes, it’s back to the younger one like he never dumped her first nor last. Playboy, through and through! Don’t feel sorry for him with his disabilities, he can outrun any dog and actually puts the fear in most, including the poor Rottie next door!


Diva Reba: Then there’s my diva, Reba! She is absolutely, breathtaking gorgeous and like most poms, she knows it and acts just like a queen most of the time which I truly love and admire her for! To me, any animal that can come from a puppy mill with that much confidence and self esteem I say “You go, Girl!! She rules!!! Right down to where she eats… I usually have to deliver her food upstairs to her as most times she refuses to eat on the main floor with us lower class! Reba has one little quirk that I always watch for when someone new comes into the house because it’s priceless to watch their reaction… obviously my sense of humour is a bit warped…Reba is the ONLY female dog of any breed that I’ve owned that to show that she accepts someone will “mark” them just like a male (only thankfully without urine) to show her love! To see people jump back.. which I don’t blame them, not knowing and the look on Reba’s face of “What is your problem? I’m loving you!!” It makes me laugh every time and I do love to laugh!

Your Average Dog Lover I used to be what most would consider just your average dog lover. I took care of mine, always had them, donated to different organizations but I didn’t go out of my way if you know what I mean. I took care of mine and just carried on in my own little fantasy world that everyone else did too… Oh Boy!… let’s just say when I came out of THAT fantasy world, the real world sucked BIG TIME!

A Debt I Can Never Repay At that time, I had six of the most amazing, wonderful Pomeranians who I dearly loved and who I can honestly say from my heart, saved my life. The six of them have all crossed the Bridge now but they left me with a debt I can NEVER repay the breed. Each death resulted in my dying a little more inside. I just couldn’t, just couldn’t, get another one after I lost the last one. I was dead inside, you know? Deep depression after the last one died does not come anywhere close to describing my emotional state at this time.

When Everything Changed Life of course does go on, though it went on dogless for me for approx 2 years, still carrying the memories of my babies and what I owed them in my heart. I do believe in God, destiny and that everything in our lives happens for a reason. Case in point is what I’m now going to tell you: After working, the LAST thing I would ever do is watch the news. As far as I was concerned, if the TV was turned on, I was tired and didn’t want to be depressed by all the bad news so give me anything else but the news. But THIS day I did… and THANK GOD I did! Now I knew! I knew! I knew how I COULD keep paying back…

It Was Time It was a HORRIFIC story of a puppy mill rescue done by the Oromocto and Area SPCA (tears starting right now, just remembering… CRAP!). They were all Pomeranians and 6 of them during the course of the rescue had been beaten in the head with a mallet by the owner during the rescue. One of them, Ronald, though they thought he was also dead did survive due to the quick reaction of the rescuers in getting him to the Oromocto Veterinary Hospital. Ronald was being held by a rescuer in the news clip I saw. I have never, never, never had a dog speak to me as much as Ronald did in that 30 second news clip. He looked so… I guess beaten by life, just as I was, and I bonded instantly with him. I KNEW this was the time and way for me to try to repay poms. So, I called the shelter to inquire how they were all doing, said I was interested in donating and adopting, stressed one had nothing to do with the other, and that I would like to have more than one, pretty please! I wrote them a letter and poured out my heart… and if you think this is long, just imagine what that letter was like! But God love Tracy and the crew there, they did read it and I guess they could tell I WAS sincere and the application process went on from there.

Miracle of Miracles I then learned I was the one they had decided that Ronald should go to! Well, I have never changed a dog’s name in the past but his had to be…. he became Care Bear to me because as far as I was concerned he wouldn’t be alive if so many hadn’t cared for him and fought to get him and the rest of his friends out of that mill.

Care Bear… how can I describe him…. so loving, forgiving, sweet, cute, such a… EVERYTHING! He and I bonded INSTANTLY! We learned so much from each other! Through his eyes and actions, I learned that you have to let the past go and love life like he did. Through my eyes and actions, he now knew what love and being cared for was all about. Unfortunately, because of the blow to his head by the mallet a bone fragment reached his brain way too soon after I got him and took his life. (BTW, I should say here that the Oromocto & Area SPCA told me upfront they could give me no guarantees as to regards to how long he would live due to his injury but I didn’t care I wanted him for however long he did live). His death has had a tremendous impact on me and it’s taken me a long time to figure out why it’s been even harder than all the rest of my beloved dogs I’ve lost who I owned for so much longer than him. The nearest explanation, maybe, is because his death was needless and his life so tragic before I got him and all of mine were loved and cared for their whole lives. Now? Now I feel the pain he must have lived through his whole life and the pain of others like him. But Care Bear DID make a difference in his life… because of the unjust sentence that was handed down to the owner of the mill, the case being so publicised , and yes, his face being the face used… the laws WERE changed in New Brunswick. So if Care Bear, such a little pom, could do that, how can I, his Mom, not take up the fight… and that’s where I am today.

Eyes Wide Open My eyes are wide opened now as to what’s going on in the world reference all the horrors that face some of the world’s dogs and I fight, and I fight, in honour of Care Bear and others like him. My giving financially has changed a lot… I used to give what I could, or think I could afford, whenever… now if it doesn’t actually hurt… I didn’t give enough! I sign every petition I can get my hands on, I educate others, I jump on all the causes… especially when it comes to getting laws changed….. and I’ve opened my home again to poms. So much more I want to do, especially starting a blog in Care Bear’s memory, getting all the messages out, getting involved in more shelters and rescue groups, the list goes on but I WILL do it… for Care Bear and all the others like him…. EVERY dog born deserves and has the basic right to a GOOD life, not just a LIFE!

And I guess that’s me. Someone who believes strongly in what she believes.

Where: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Meet Tracy from New Brunswick who introduced Diane to Care Bear.

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4 Responses to “R.O.A.R Squad: Diane and her dogs, Care Bear, Clint and Reba”

  1. Kristine says:

    What a heart-breaking story. I am so glad there are people like Diane in the world. It’s not easy but animal rescue is worth all of the pain.

  2. Diane Carrier says:

    Hi Kristine! You’re right in saying it is heartbreaking but I honestly think it’s more of a love story. ….I’m just a lousy writer! lol So much love,given and received, by dogs makes me a VERY fortunate woman. I’ll always grieve over Care Bear and the others I’ve lost because each and every one of them were my babies but,and it’s a big one, now I can,and do, love other ones because of what they taught me and I think it has made me a better person. BTW, as an aside, Clint,though more than welcome to sleep with me chooses not too because my coughing (chronic bronchitis) at night disturbs his beauty sleep so he prefers quieter beds! lol Animal Rescue IS worth all the pain we humans deal with in comparison to what these animals are going through in our world….and so we fight! xoxo

  3. Kim says:

    The tears flowed when I read this one. But I just thank God there are human beings out there like Diane. They need us! They are the innocents of this world and give so much more than we can ever give to them. What a great last R.O.A.R. Squad post – about another angel walking this earth disguised as a human. HUGS to Diane!

  4. Laure-Anne says:

    Fab to take on puppy mills like that. Great initiative.

    Care bare is incredibly cute! I wish I’d made that picture. That’s a shot in a million.