scruffy dog…

… soaking in some rays.

This is what Mickey does all day. Flops out on the concrete. Gets hot and comes back into the house. Cools off. Heads back out to the deck to bake… and back again.

Rough life he has.

Here is on the deck again… and again!

15 Responses to “scruffy dog…”

  1. Ellen Adams says:

    Belle does the same thing. I guess I am her doormom!

  2. Maggie says:

    That is so precious and so peaceful!

  3. Kristine says:

    What a life! Do you think I could get someone to pay me to do that all day?

  4. It really is a dog’s life, but someone has to do it. What a cute picture!

  5. I was going to say the same thing…I wish that’s what I was doing today.

  6. My Mom’s pit does the same thing. Bakes in the sun for half an hour, goes to the shade, bakes in the sun again. Life’s tough when you are a dog with a good owner 😛

  7. Roo says:

    Great photo of him! Yeah he has it really ruff 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Kari says:

    Mine are loving all the new sunny spots


  9. Pup Fan says:

    Such a tough life… 🙂

  10. Kim says:

    Exactly the life my Simon has on a daily basis – out on the deck until he gets hot, comes back in and then back out again to lounge 😉 Btw: just saw a feel good documentary called “My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story” – you might like it 😉

  11. Peggy says:

    I love a scruffy dog! Kelly does the same thing, sometimes she gets up and moves only about 6 inches away!

  12. SkyeHeather says:

    He’s still “the most interesting dog in the world.” Someone get him a Dos Equis.

  13. I love this picture of Mickey. You’re getting pretty good with that new camera! =)

  14. blanket says:

    That’s such a cute picture of Mickey and it’s exactly what Poppet and Milly do all day except they aim their bellies to the sun 🙂