don’t worry, mickey…

Don’t worry, Mickey. We’ll still love you when the baby comes…

(and your crazy sister too…)

3 Responses to “don’t worry, mickey…”

  1. marleyterrier says:

    ….babies is fun Mickey. You can lick em for foods…they is always spilin it

  2. @Marley- Kayloo has learned this with the little ones we have visit… kids are often covered in Cheerios 🙂

  3. First I would like to congratulate you on your baby news! I have been sorely neglecting my blogging buddies recently, so hadn’t caught on until now… Pooch would also like to second marleyterrier’s take on babies. The drooped food, and even than which seems to be permanently crusted between their fingers and toes and in their hair, makes for a pretty constant source of snacking. Prepare to enjoy, Mickey! (plus, when Mummy and Daddy realise how much less work you and Kayloo are than a baby, they will be loving you a whole lot more into the bargain… 😉 )