pregnant chick: 22 weeks (grand canyon edition)

The Belly Bump a la Grand Canyon… hidden a bit by my t-shirt. Whoops.

Just got back from Vegas. Vegas is BUSY. We had a great time, but holy crap, I need a break now.

A couple days into our holiday we decided to make the 5+ hour (each way) trek to the Grand Canyon. I am so glad we did because it was bea-U-tiful.

John was so glad we did because we hired a Camaro for the day.

Apparently this car “has legs.” Looks like a silver car to me.

It felt good to get in the car and just drive. My feet had been killing me from wandering up and down the strip and dodging short-skirted waitresses in smoke swirled casinos. It was so nice to breathe fresh air. No ding, ding, DING, DING of slot machines. Just tourists doing their best not to trip and fall into the canyon.

We were talking about what we would do different the next time we hung out at Ongtupqa: We’d stay for longer, we’d go when it was warmer (turns out the canyon is COLD in November, y’all), strap on our hiking boots and see the canyon from all angles… and next time around it will be with kids.

John got nervous each time I stepped within 10 feet of a ledge to take photo. The next time we’re here we’re going to be running interference with curious little ones. There is a chance he won’t let us out of the car at all.

And a good chance we won’t be hiring a Camaro…

Well… maybe we will…

… that sucker flew

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8 Responses to “pregnant chick: 22 weeks (grand canyon edition)”

  1. Cristol says:

    Breathtaking! (you and the views), and I don’t mean that in the “Seinfeld episode kinda way”, lol. Looks like you two had a great trip! I am picturing a trip to the Canyon right now, with my kids. Ummmmm…no.

  2. curator says:

    You look wonderful! And thank you for the excellent Grand Canyon views – a swell change from the wet green and gray of the Pacific NW right now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Jodi says:

    Isn’t the Grand Canyon breathless Shauna and John? I am so happy to have gone to one of the seven wonders of the world 🙂 Your pictures are fabulous and you guys looks beautiful – Glad you had a great trip – besides the smoke and DING DING etc. LOL Take care – sending rubs to the bump 🙂 xo

  4. @curator- Thank you! We came back to POURING down rain… quite a change from the great weather in LV and the Canyon!

    @Jodi- It really is! We both really want to spend more time there to get a better feel for it, we were only there for a couple hours… so much to see! Gorgeous 🙂

  5. Kristine says:

    I looks like a silver car to me too…

    But an awesome silver car. These photos are just gorgeous! What an amazing time. I have yet to make it to Vegas or the Grand Canyon yet so it is hard for me to believe the pictures are even real. Just wow.

  6. AND, if you head over to the south rim, the entire Rim Trail is pet friendly! Take the kiddo, take the pooches, and it makes an unforgettable family vacation. So glad you guys enjoyed it.

  7. Trude says:

    Absolutely beautiful – your glow and the canyon! 🙂 I agree, sometimes you just have to get away from the noise in Vegas. The last time I was at the Grand Canyon a hailstorm passed through, and thunder was echoing through the canyon. Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it.