pregnant chick: 23 weeks (the meltdown)

Me at 23 weeks pregnant. Next week I will be 24 weeks pregnant. 24/4 = 6… that means I’ll be 6 MONTHS PREGNANT!!!

Getting a grip and moving right along…

I had a bit of a meltdown on Saturday. I blame it on technology.

As you know, John and I went to Vegas for a little babycation. I decided I didn’t want to go through the scanners at the airport, which means I got to meet a bunch of handsy airport security women. Everyone was super professional and super sweet… and had lots of stories for me.

The first woman who laid her hands on me was adorable. I want her to babysit someday. And come over for a pint.

Not on the same day.

She started patting me here and there, checking my arms, the cuffs of my shirt, around the boob area (clearly the most obvious place to hide machetes and such things) and then she bent down and patted my belly: “Hello baby! Hellooo! Hello! Hello!!!! Helloo baaay-byyy!!!” And then she checked the waist of my jeans and probably my legs… I can’t remember because that was the first time a stranger cooed to my midsection in public. “Is this your first? Oooh, it’s so exciting!”

Loved her. She did not contribute to my meltdown.

Next I met a woman who is the mother of three.

Mom of 3: How far along?

Me: 5 1/2 months.

Mom of 3: No you are NOT.

Me: (totally intimidated because I am in an airport and she is wearing GLOVES) Uh, yes… I am?

Mom of 3: There is nothing there! No bump at all! When I was 3 months pregnant I was bigger than you are now! You can’t be 5 1/2 months already!

Me: No really (pulling my shirt against my belly and standing profile for the full effect). See? I am… really…

At this point, I’m not going to lie. I was enjoying all the, “but I can’t even tell you’re pregnant!” feedback. I definitely didn’t want to hear about how huge I was, so this was refreshing input.

But then I got a stupid autoemail from one of those sites that tells you the kind of things you should expect at various points in your pregnancy. It said something like, “At 23 weeks you are feeling like you don’t just have a baby in your belly, you have a boxer who is kicking you in the ribs!” But my baby isn’t kicking me in the ribs. As far as I can tell my baby is no where near my ribs and although I can feel the bambino moving around and giving me little kicks, I certainly don’t feel like my insides are getting a beating.

That email got caught in my brain and it started swirling around and around… When was the last time I felt the baby kick? Is there as much movement today as there was yesterday? Did I do something wrong? Was the flight harmful? I ate some fruit that tasted funny, did that hurt the baby? Maybe the baby isn’t growing enough? Is it normal that my ribs aren’t bruised from Beckham-like fetal jabs? PLEASE BABY, KICK ME TIL I’M GASPING FOR BREATH AND I HAVE LOST ALL BLADDER CONTROL!!!

Fortunately I was with my mother when I started to blubber. One minute we’re talking about the joys of maternity pants and then next I’m crying in a panic because I’m afraid I’m not the right size for 5 1/2 months and my internal organs haven’t been stomped to mush by baby toes. Mom helped to reassure me that everything was FINE and for the rest of the day I paid special attention to all the little taps I was feeling.

AND I had my midwife appointment yesterday and everything is peachy-keen. My belly is the “right” size, heart rate is strong and lovely… it’s all good.

So take THAT stupid email.

Now that I have been reassured that things are moving along nicely I welcome being squeezed by well meaning security women. As long as we’re in an airport. At the security check point place. And they only squeeze at appropriate times.

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14 Responses to “pregnant chick: 23 weeks (the meltdown)”

  1. Oh, honey. I’m sorry you had a little meltdown. You are just fine, so is baby.

    • Thank you! It’s so crazy how these little doubts and fears get lodged in your brain! Admitting they are there helps to take their power away for me though and you are right! Everything is fine 🙂

  2. Cristol says:

    You are beautiful, and your baby bump is beautiful. Everything is PERFECT. I was really tiny too….for the first 6 months. If it is any reassurance to you, I did get huge by the end. Muahahahaha! Are you guys going to PS for Christmas? Can you even fly then???

    • Lol, I love the “muahahahahaha”! My mom and I were joking about that too- A few weeks from now I’m going to be saying things like, “Yeah, I’m not going to have a glass of wine because I’m pregnant… you probably can’t tell, tee hee heee” and everyone is going to be muttering about how OBVIOUS it is and shouldn’t someone get this woman to a hospital before she delivers all over the restaurant? Then I will *really* be rolling my eyes at myself 😉

      Yep- hopefully we’ll see you guys? That would be great!

  3. Julie says:

    You look great! Everyone is different and it’s hard not to compare yourself to what’s “normal”. I love how the dogs always photobomb your belly shoots 🙂

    • Yes, I am definitely reminding myself not to compare! Re: the dogs- at first we tried to keep them all in or all out of the shots and then we gave up… it’s nice to see their little fluffy heads and bums anyway 🙂

  4. Kim Clune says:

    Hey momma,

    You are beautifully perfect. In my case, nobody even knew my mother was pregnant at 6 months … when she got married in her white wedding dress. LOL. And I turned out okay. Wait a minute…. Oh never mind. My shortcomings have nothing to do with my mother’s pregnancy. 🙂

  5. MOM says:

    Our baby is the perfect size because he/she is the perfect baby and you are the perfect Mom

  6. Sarah says:

    AWWWW your mom is so sweet and right!!! Everything will be amazing!!! Love the wanting to lose bladder control; even in a meltdown you are one funny lady…lots of love and sparkles, Sarah xox

  7. Sarah says:

    And your smile is so lovely at silly Kayloo in that 3rd pic!!!

  8. MeebsMom says:

    You look beautiful, and the bump looks perfect. But, the meltdowns are par for the course. At least yours seems to be over something somewhat rationale. My most memorable meltdown was because Jay ate the last few bites of a bag of baked cheesies; I assumed he’d know that I’d been saving them to eat with my sandwich. And a good friend of mine lost it when the McDonald’s drive-thru didn’t include a straw and she had no idea how she was going to drink her milkshake. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy hormones!

    • Thank you! Those stories are hilarious- I shared them with John with the advice that when I go down the same road he should nod understandingly and treat me with the utmost kindness. We shall see! 🙂 Seriously, those make me feel a lot better and gave me a good laugh, thank you for sharing! 🙂