pregnant chick: 25 weeks (clean freak)

Sorry for the uninspired outfit, but it was all I could muster this week. This is what I usually wear all day, every day. Actually, I work from home, who am I kidding? The first part of my day is spent in sweats and a red hairband AND THEN I snazz it up with jeans and a tshirt. Sometimes I put earrings on just for kicks. It’s a party here every day.

I finally got the Christmas decorations up last night. I have been having trouble getting my festive act together because although I NEED to get presents sorted and ordered and sent and organized, what I WANT to do is clean.

That’s right.

The thing that is occupying my brain even more than candy canes and twinkly lights is wanting to sort through drawers and closets and shelves and organize the crap out of every room in this house. I honestly lie awake at night thinking about all the mismatched socked I’m going to get rid of and all the books I’m going to box up and donate. I would like to tell you I’m kidding or over exaggerating, but the truth is I cleaned and organized my spice cupboard the other night and I high-fived myself for a good half hour after I was done.

Again, who I am kidding? I high-fived myself again JUST NOW.

The Baby Prep list I wrote about 2 months ago is still whirling around in my head:

There is still regrouting and painting and wedding dress storing to do, but things are coming along.

And the twinkly lights are helping to get me into the holiday spirit. I’m not a COMPLETE freak, after all.

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