pregnant chick: 33 weeks (spanxy)

Mah 33 week pregnant belly. I’m not looking at my ass in that one on the right, I’m looking at Mickey. Also, it looks like my belly is crooked in that shot in the middle. It may very well be. This kid doesn’t hang out in the the center of my uterus, he or she likes to lounge a little to the left. And so, I am lopsided. I suspect I will always be a little lopsided in one way or another from now until forever.

Look what I discovered:

Compression stockings. Yeah, it’s pretty hot. You wear these babies if you have or are worried about getting varicose veins. I am concerned about getting varicose veins. One thing that happens during pregnancy is your blood volume doubles so your veins get bigger to accommodate.

Yet another way Nature makes sure you spend a bit of time with your feet up.

Really what these are are Spanx in sock form, so if you see me and you are thinking, DAMN her calves are looking mighty svelte these days, you would be correct. My calves are red carpet ready, yo! Except for the potential varicose vein part.

Decidedly UN-Hollywood.

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5 Responses to “pregnant chick: 33 weeks (spanxy)”

  1. Sarah says:

    hi Shauna! I totally WAS thinking how svelte your calves were looking!!! 🙂 Seriously…you make pregnant look goooood!! lots of love, Sarah xox

  2. look so beautiful! Love those photos:) Muah

  3. lauren says:

    i love spanx of all kinds and forms–and i especially love how actual clothes now have spanx-type material built into them. just brilliant.