many courses for valentine’s day

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

It looks better when you take the photo BEFORE the food is on the table. I know. You will notice that John has already placed his napkin on his lap and I have not. John married a heathen.

We went to Cafe Brio. I know lots of people hate Valentine’s Day… I’m neither here nor there about it. I really enjoy, however, going out for a nice dinner. We had a gift certificate my parents had given us for our anniversary (which is in June) that we hadn’t completely used up yet so we decided to use the rest of it. I’ve been told to enjoy nice slow dinners while we can… so we did. Four courses and we topped the night off with this chocolate mousse thing that was sent directly from heaven. I even had a sip of John’s red wine. Oh, it was lovely.

I have noticed that John and I don’t have a lot of pictures together ever since I got my new camera. It’s not easy to hold a DSLR with one hand. Well, John got a fancy pants new phone (an iPhone. He will be happy to tell you ALL about it and how it is waaaay better than my Blackberry) so when we got home I decided Valentine’s Day was the day to start snapping away.

This was the best photo we got:

It would appear we are out of practice when it comes to taking self portraits. John may have thought this would get him OUT of enduring a lot more of this, but he would be incorrect.

Get smiling, Snappy. Many, many, many more practice shots are in your future…

Thank you for a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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