canine pregnancy detector

I knew I was pregnant before the tests confirmed it because of this dog right here. Kayloo started having a particular interest in my breath. When she had the chance she would get up close to my face, specifically my mouth, and sniff and sniff and sniff. She wouldn’t try to lick me, she just sniffed.

I knew.

I had been pregnant once a few months before but the little one didn’t get make it past a few weeks. Kayloo had taken the same interest at first, sniffing and sniffing but quickly lost interest. Soon enough various biological signs let me know things didn’t work out… but not before Kayloo alerted me wtih her lack of interest in the smell of my breath.

Before I was pregnant I was out walking the dogs on a particularly sunny afternoon and we had taken a break on a strip of grass to enjoy all the smells a gnarled tree trunk had to offer. A young woman was walking towards us along the sidewalk and suddenly Kayloo made a beeline for her. A very intent beeline. Kayloo is a strong dog. I was dragged.

This is going to sound a bit dramatic, but sometimes Kayloo picks out people who need her. I’m not kidding (her meeting with this woman is an example of her sixth sense). Sometimes people need her… sometimes she just wants to share an overly friendly hello. I wasn’t quite sure what we were in for but it was VERY clear she felt it was VERY important she meet this woman and she kept making her way forward with my, “Enough. Kayloo. Sit. Hey,” commentary ignored in the background. And then Kayloo’s snout was firmly wedged in her crotch.

And I couldn’t get her to back up.

Holy crap. I am so sorry. I do NOT know what is going on here.

The woman was really sweet and obviously a dog person because she just laughed and said, “Oh, it’s okay. I’m pregnant. That is difficult to resist for many dogs.” I congratulated her, asked her how far along she was, “… about 6 weeks I guess.”

6 WEEKS!!!

Forget expensive pregnancy detector kits, if you want to know if you’re pregnant just come on over to my house. Don’t wear a skirt.

Kayloo knew even before 6 weeks both times with me… and the funny thing is I didn’t wonder for a second what it was she was sensing. Of course, we were trying to get pregnant so that helped narrow down what her behaviour could mean, but I knew right away this was about getting knocked up and I didn’t doubt her accuracy for a second.

Both dogs have slowly been giving me more space as I have physically and mentally grown to need it. Both dogs seem to understand that I only have so much patience these days and don’t test me quite as much. Kayloo has taken a renewed interest in my breath lately and I know things are changing and getting closer. I appreciate the heads up.

I also appreciate that Kayloo checks out my breath rather than goosing me to conduct her scientific experiments. Much appreciated, Monkey Head.

PS- I edited this photo via They are closing mid-April and their Effects etc are free so if you like playing with themes, textures and that kind of thing, enjoy!

9 Responses to “canine pregnancy detector”

  1. Cristol Smyth says:

    Funny- Chelsea used to lick my legs like she couldn’t get enough, with both pregnancies

  2. That is amazing! Sounds like a certain pup should be put to work! Freelance her out at your local doctors office. Think of it as a way to earn extra money for cute baby clothes. 🙂

  3. Trude says:

    Wow, this made the hair on the back of my neck stand up – but in a good way! I can only hope that someday Dante will be that attentive (in the non-crotch-poking way). 🙂

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  5. Fascinating that your dog was able to detect your pregnancy! They are far more perceptive than we will probably ever understand. Best to you and your little-one-to-be, who will be so lucky to have a loving family that includes wonderful dogs!

  6. Lauren says:

    First off, you are the cuuuuutest pregnant lady EVER!! Secondly, I think Kayloo is an old soul. Third, it is so cool that she knew you were pregnant! I think Claire will know before I do – she’s very nosy (ha!) Lastly, isn’t it tragic that Picnik is closing?! No other photo editing program even compares!! Let me know if you find another program that works as well as Picnik does!