pregnant chick: 35 weeks (inappropriate maternity wear)

35 weeks pregnant. I bought this top last weekend even though it is completely inappropriate as maternity wear. It’s not quite big enough in the belly region. I figure it’ll be good after the baby is born and my stomache is still… a bump. Or maybe that was a bad idea because it’s white? Actually, nursing would probably be impossible with this shirt… hmmm, too bad I didn’t think of that in the dressing room. So much to learn, so much to learn…

Speaking of inappropriate maternity wear, this is the last non-workout-esque jacket I can close. Doing it up is a rather precarious endeavour actually, it BARELY makes it and the zipper now threatens to devour whatever shirt I am wearing in the process. As I walk the jacket hitches up my back, which is a pretty snazzy look:

This jacket is vintage. Older than me. It used to be a trench coat and it was my dad’s. My DAD used to wear a WINE COLOURED LEATHER TRENCH COAT. I LOVE the mental image that conjures. Love my dad, love him. I don’t buy leather anymore because of the whole vegetarian thing, but I also don’t throw away what I have because that would be wasteful and this jacket holds a special place in my heart. It’s lived in every city I have. I think of my stylin’ dad every time I pull this baby off the hanger. Dude is VERY excited to be a grandpa.

I’m not buying any more maternity specific clothing. I didn’t end up getting that much, actually. I have my 3 pairs of pants, a handful of tops and a bunch of non-maternity stuff that has done just fine (thank you mom and mom-in-law for helping me out in the threads department!). Working from home has made this a million times easier because sweatpants are very forgiving and uber versatile (super stylish for phone conferences, dinner dates at home with your husband AND lounging!). I save up most of my stylin’ for you guys on Belly Photo Day. If I worked in an office… well, if I worked in an office I’d still be thrifty/cheap/whatever so I probably would have ended up trying to magically make the same clothes look different each day. You know, with different earrings or something.

What can I say, I suck at being a fashionista.

What did/do other people do? Did you find you had to buy much? If you work/worked outside the home how did you do with that?

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  1. Laura says:

    As soon as I saw it I remembered it from our Essendon days!!