pregnant chick: 36 weeks (needle)

Here I am at 36 weeks pregnant. This is what I wore to my prenatal class this week. I’m rockin’ the didn’t-wash-my-hair headband. The last time I photographed this shirt was at 22 weeks pregnant and I did a terrible job showing off the bump. Got some cool shots of the Grand Canyon though.

Things are starting to get real. Although my due date is March 25, a “normal” time to go into labour would be any time 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after that… so I could go into labour anytime in the next 2 to 6 weeks (or any time before that, really).


Our prenatal classes are going well. This week we talked about common medical interventions. When we started talking about pain medications I started to get nauseous and abruptly left the room.

I don’t know what my problem is with needles. It’s not even really the needle specifically. I prefer to look away when a piece of metal is puncturing my skin but other than that I’m fine. I give Kayloo a cartrophen injection for her hips every month… no problem. I give blood… no worries. My issue seems to center around THINKING about the needle and THINKING about having some substance injected into me.

The first “incident” happened way back when I was a teenybopper:

In high school we got a booster shot. We were taken out of classes to get the shot and group after group of smelly teens were assembled in the front foyer to await our fate. We stood in long lines, talking and laughing and peering into the faces of the brave souls in front of us getting their injection and living to tell the tale. I was standing with a friend of mine and he was taking an inventory of the various needles he had received in recent memory… THIS needle before surgery… THAT needle at the dentist… that HUGE needle he got before going somewhere foreign and fascinating…

Pretty soon I started feeling funny. My Booster Buddy continued to rattle on: “Needle.” We shuffle forward one step. “Needle…” The nurse swabs a redhead’s arm… “NEEdle! Needle! NeeDLE! NEEEEEDLE!!!…” I was now at the front of the line looking at a nurse who was looking back at me. I was supposed to plop my butt down on the bench and pull up my sleeve. Instead I teetered, then swayed, saw black dots explode in a haze in front of my eyes… and dramatically passed out. All over her neatly stacked pile of (unused- phew) needles. In the front foyer. IN HIGH SCHOOL IN FRONT OF EVERYONE INCLUDING – MOST LIKELY – THE HOTTEST GUY IN THE SCHOOL OH MY GOD HOW EMBARRASSING.

As far as I know I was the only one who passed out that day. That was NOT a title I was looking to earn.

Since then I’ve experienced a few bouts of whooziness when dealing with needle-wielding folk (when a doctor in Japan pulled out a needle to get a blood sample at the local hospital I tried to warn her that perching me on the equivalent of a bar stool to draw my blood probably wasn’t a great idea. I woke up on the floor. Clearly my Japanese wasn’t very good), but for the most part a few deep breaths is all I need to keep it together. Conversations about injections don’t come up that often, I’ve been fine with being a human pin cushion on occasion during this pregnancy… and then we had to have the Medication Prenatal Class.

It was talking about the epidural and spinal that got me. The needle goes into the back. Something about dura and spinal fluid and bathing the spine… blech. Eventually I got up and grabbed a glass of cold water in the next room and sat there until that part of the program was over. I could still hear her explanation but the wall between us seemed to sufficiently protect me against doing a face plant.

So, aside from almost throwing up and diving unconscious in a lumpy “kathunk” in front of the whole room, the prenatal classes are great. Highly recommended. John and I are taking the midwife stream since we’re with a midwife (they have a midwife stream and a doctor stream) and we opted for 6 classes over 6 weeks rather than the intense weekend course in the hopes we would get a chance to know some of the couples in the class. People who are doing this whole baby thing for the first time and have no idea what to expect like to hang out with other people who are doing this for the first time and ALSO have no idea what to expect. Confusion likes company.

“Dura”… “spinal fluid”… yep, still makes me queasy. I’m going to wrap this blog post up now.

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6 Responses to “pregnant chick: 36 weeks (needle)”

  1. I was given an epidural when I had to have my ankle pinned back together – the doctor thought it would be an excellent opportunity to take the fear away should I require one during childbirth… (I was in Monaco, dealing with a French doctor if that helps to put the weirdness in context!!). And other than watching a nurse slinging a leg over her should and painting it with iodine for a good five minutes before realising it was mine, it all went swimmingly! I was nervous, and probably a bit tense, but there was no pain at all. You’ll be fine!

    • I had never heard of an epidural outside the context of labour… I had no idea! I hope your knee is doing well & thanks for the encouragement. I’m hoping not to use/need an epidural, but if I do your story will likely pop into my head 🙂

  2. Kris says:

    I will spare you my epidural story as you are NOT going to need one of your own. 😉
    But I will tell you this. We also took a 6-week prenatal class (mostly just because it fit our schedules best), and that group of parents have become some of our best friends. It is 6 years later, and our kids all go to different kindergartens, but they still consider each other best friends, too. We’ve all been through a lot (more babies, a divorce, cancer, an upcomIng wedding for the previously divorced…), and it was and still is a blessing to have these wonderful people to go through the trials and tribulations of parenthood with. So make sure you get everyone’s contact information and keep in touch with them!!!

    • I LOVE that! Our group is getting more and more comfortable with each other and I think it is so lovely. It is so GREAT and important to be around people who are in the same boat as you, it feels so comforting, I love hearing stories of great friendships coming out of these classes. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high… but I am hoping we continue to get together after the classes are over 🙂 Thank you for sharing, makes me feel even more hopeful!

  3. Pup Fan says:

    Shudder… I’m so not a fan of shots!