dog beach

Kayloo loving every second of hanging out at the beach on Sunday.

As we’ve discussed and photographed, Kayloo doesn’t actually swim on her own accord, but she did chase a few sticks into the water and we were very proud. If you were at the beach on Sunday, John and I were the ones clapping madly as our dog went into the ocean and got her ankles wet all by herself.

You gotta be encouraging, ya know?

3 Responses to “dog beach”

  1. Trude says:

    I do the same thing with Dante, with his thin fur he has a tough time with the cold ocean water. 🙂 Glad you guys had such a fun time!

  2. katherine says:

    my pups are not swimmers either – bassets just don’t swim and my corgi’s mouth doesn’t close and he always looks so shocked when he get in the water. he doesn’t know what to do.
    she looks so happy and free though!

    <3 katherine