read it: to the arctic

Full disclosure: A blogger friend of mine works for Braided River, the publisher of To the Arctic. They offered me a copy of this book because I am in LOVE with the Arctic, but they didn’t ask me to blog about it or anything- I just think it’s a beautiful book with an important message and wanted to share. To the Arctic isn’t just a gorgeous coffee table book- although it is stunning and I highly recommend you put it on your coffee table- this is a book endeavoring to inspire people to take action to protect endangered ecosystems. On the website,, there is a letter to President Obama readers can sign asking him to protect America’s Arctic. You can also watch the movie that is playing in IMAX- here is a preview of the movie (you have to watch it, there are swimming polar bears right at the beginning. So beautiful!).

I have an absolute crush on the North. It must be because my dad worked up around the Arctic Circle before I was born… his stories left an impression. Now I want to go up to the Territories to check it out myself.

Actually, when my dad came to see us when Naomi was born he looked at the book and said the photographs took him back to when he went up North for the first time over 30 years ago. He said they captured the light perfectly… the photography is that good. Usually when you’ve been somewhere and look at photographs they don’t quite capture it… but these do.

To the Arctic arrived when I was still pregnant so I was completely preoccupied with the baby/cub/pup stories and photographs. There is this one photograph which shows a baby caribou being chased by a mean ol’ horrid black bear. I won’t wreck it for you… actually, yes I will… the baby caribou DOES NOT DIE PEOPLE. I repeat: THE WEE INNOCENT CARIBOU IS OKAY. It’s all gonna be okay.

I just spared you a whole lot of worry, didn’t I? You’re welcome.

The movie is now in IMAX and if I can get the guts to go check it out with a newborn baby I am DEFINITELY going to check it out.

Thank you to Braided River for sending this book along!

Now, go forth and get yourself a copy of To the Arctic!  

4 Responses to “read it: to the arctic”

  1. That’s fantastic that your father gave the stamp of approval to the images. It’s not too often than someone can look at a book about the Arctic and weigh in on the accurate nature of the images!

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  3. melf says:

    Thanks for the laugh about the baby caribou. You had me at the front cover. Wow. the pictures are amazing. I had not even heard of this movie, but now I want to go see it. We have an IMAX at our zoo (just down the road from me). I hope they are playing it. Thanks for sharing Shauna! I hope Miss Naomi isn’t keeping you up at all hours. 🙂

  4. melf says:

    Well shoot! I have heard of this film! The father and son were on my local radio station speaking about it. The son produced it and his Dad directed and filmed it. I think they said it took 5-6 years to make. And you know what? They talked about it like you mentioned your dad talking about it. There was awe in their voices. You could tell they loved it.