mother’s day 2012

I have celebrated Mother’s Day as a dog mom in the past, but this was my first human babe Mother’s Day.

Naomi sat at our feet in her car seat at the restaurant while John and I drank our orange juice and ate our brunch- she even stayed asleep for most of the meal so we were both able to eat at the very same time rather than taking turns bouncing, cooing and eating. Booyah.

I wore the fanciest top I’ve worn in almost 2 months. I had a very special mom moment in that fancy top: Naomi woke up and was starting to squirm so I picked her up, held her close, enjoyed her silky hair against my cheek… and then she spit up all over my shoulder. She did it again about an hour later on the other shoulder (of course).  You’d think I would have learned the first time around.

I LOVE the Motherhood Posse- women everywhere we went smiled at me and wished me a Happy First Mother’s Day. Mommy War drama aside (that’s a link to a response to the Time’s “Are You Mom Enough” article), moms are SUCH a wonderful, supportive bunch. So many warm wishes, so many warm smiles… it’s beautiful, I love it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Age: One day shy of 6 weeks

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3 Responses to “mother’s day 2012”

  1. Alice says:

    Happy mothers day to you and all mothers 🙂

  2. Other Mom says:

    Beautiful pictures of Mother’s Day and Tummy Time. Oh, how I love getting them.
    Hugs and Kisses, Gramma D.

  3. Trude says:

    So glad you guys were able to go out and celebrate! You deserve it, mama. 🙂