speed date

On May 3rd, one month and one day after Naomi was born, John and I went on our first coffee date all by ourselves. Grandma and Grandpa took care of the wee one and the dogs… and we practically ran to the nearest cafe.

Our date was 50 minutes long (including the time it took us to speed walk there and back). I had my decaf, soy africano and John had his cappuccino. There was also a danish involved and several minutes of silence.

It was beautiful.

It was epic.

A couple days before this I left the house and spent a whole 40 minutes by myself. Prior to this the only time I was completely alone was in the bathroom… and not even always then. My 40 minutes was spent picking up disposable nursing pads (too sensitive for the bulk of washable nursing pads), diapers, and a dental chew for the dogs and sitting in a cafe for 8 minutes eating a chocolate covered pretzel.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for making this possible. Thank you also for decaf, soy africanos. Yum.

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