my baby, my teacher: #2 rest after eating

It has occurred to me that Naomi is going to teach me far more in her lifetime than I will ever teach her. She was teaching me before she was even born… so I thought I would start writing down the gems I’m learning in the hopes I’ll remember all the things to thank her for.

After you eat, rest. Let your food digest. Don’t bop around.

Yesterday after nursing Naomi I sat her up to see if she would burp. She doesn’t usually burp or spit up a lot after she eats, but I usually sit her up afterwards just in case.

Just in case.

We hung out there for a couple minutes before I put her up against my shoulder, leaned forward, went to hoist us up off the chair… and then all that jostling and carrying on sent everything she had just eaten all over the shoulder of my hoodie and the back of the chair. Didn’t get much on herself though.

Good job, mom. Well done. Less futzing around after we eat. Got it.

P.S.- Check out dad’s pipes! Whoop!


Age: 1 1/2 months


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2 Responses to “my baby, my teacher: #2 rest after eating”

  1. Sarah says:

    Dad’s pipes ARE awesome!! oops i mean Naomi is PERFECT! yup…definitely screwed up the order of my observations there….:)