my first canada day (canada day 2012)

Happy Canada Day (a few days late)!

Little Miss has recently taken to slobbering so she often has a shiny chin to go with her rosy cheeks.

Her onesie says “My First Canada Day.” It’s a hand-me-down and it’s adorable.

The Wee One and the dogs and mom and dad all headed down to the Parliament buildings to join in the revelry.

That’s right, she is wearing JEANS. Tiny jeans are the cutest.

We headed home well before the fireworks. We told ourselves it was because it was after The Bean’s bedtime. In all honesty it was after OUR bedtime.

Happy Canada Day, peanut!

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4 Responses to “my first canada day (canada day 2012)”

  1. John says:

    I loved that post babe. x

  2. Sarah says:

    Lovin the teeny jeans!!