mothering touch contest loot

We entered a contest on the Mothering Touch facebook page recently… AND WE WON.

I had the option of choosing an outfit to fit 6 months or 12 months. I opted for 12 months so things are clearly a little baggy. Also perfect for a wee photo shoot.

We won all kinds of cool stuff (if you’re in Victoria you should just go to Mothing Touch (yeah for local!), but linking to websites here so you can learn more if you want to):

  • i play summer sneakers
  • Baby Banz UV one piece– it has a UPF (similiar to SPF) 50 rating… right now the suit goes down to Naomi’s ankles, but they are actually shorts
  • Baby Banz sun hat (can’t find the fabric on their website, but this looks like the same design)- there is velcro on the back so it fits her now. I flipped up the brim so you could see her face.
  • elegantbaby sunglasses (I can’t find them on their website)- these always fall off of Naomi, but maybe she’s still a bit too small. Also photographed here.

Next year I’ll take some more photos… it’ll be a super cute Before and After shoot!



Thank you so much, Mothering Touch! Naomi is going to be the most protected and fashionable babe on the beach!

Full disclosure- Mothering Touch didn’t ask me to mention them… I just wanted to!

Age: just over 4 months

8 Responses to “mothering touch contest loot”

  1. Marilyn Douglas says:

    Hi Shauna, This “photo shoot” is totally priceless! I can’t stop laughing at her expressions. Congratulations on the win.
    Much fun. Love the intense colours and the zany chair too. It’s amazing how much things have changed in babyland over the years. Edgy and so cute.
    Thanks for sharing. XXOO Marilyn

  2. Sarah says:

    SHE IS TOO CUTE!!!! each photo is better than the last! love and hugs!! xox

  3. curator says:

    OH so cute. Especially the last photo where she lost her little shoe. xx

  4. Grandma says:

    Omg what a fashionista, could she been any cuter? I think not!