tweet it: #nipluv (nursing in public)

I started a Twitter hashtag: #nipluv. It’s all about giving some love to our nursing in public (nip) posse. What it’s about:

Sometimes I have the clearly erroneous sense that I am the only person on the planet who breastfeeds my baby. Do you ever feel like this? When Little Miss and I are out and about I rarely ever see women nursing their babes. I know from my weekly Mom & Babe group and news reports about Pink that this is not the case, but if it wasn’t for these regular reminders I might be inclined to think that everyone else had somehow figured out how to nurse their littles ones invisibly.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were physically surrounded and supported by nursing women every time we sat down and pulled out our Hooter Hiders? If we were sitting beside our moms, sisters, aunts, friends and family who support us in our efforts? I try to will myself not to feel self conscious, but even after 6 months at times I still have to give myself a little pep talk when I’m out in public and Little Miss needs some food (you go ahead and DO this, Shauna! You FEED your baby, HUZZAH).

I think I would feel less self conscious if I could tap into that supportive group of women I know is out there each and every time I needed to nurse my daughter in public. If I knew that even though I wasn’t physically sitting with a group of my peers and I couldn’t see them directly, that they were RIGHT there nursing at the same time I was. How cool would it be to connect with women from California to North Carolina, British Columbia to Nova Scotia, from Germany and France to New Zealand and Thailand all nursing at the exact same time?

#nipluv (n.i.p.= nursing in public):

If you’re nursing in public and you want to feel supported by other nursing mamas tweet away!

  • include the #nipluv hashtag
  • share your city (I used my city airport code)
  • share your country (because it would be cool to see #nipluv shared from a whole bunch of countries)
  • share what you’re up to
  • share a photo if you want
Know you’re not the ONLY one out there nursing and if you need a pep talk we can all give you a HUZZAH!
Keep it up beautiful mamas!

3 Responses to “tweet it: #nipluv (nursing in public)”

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m so thankful for all your posts. It is as if you are in my mind. My son is 10 weeks old and EBF (exclusively breastfed). We find ourselves going out more often as we did before our little one came along. I have found myself nursing in the car (a lot!) as I don’t feel uncomfortable nursing so to say, but I have yet to see anyone nursing their little one while I was pregnant or since giving birth. I feel as if everyone has came up with a miraculous way to breastfeed their little one or keep them satisfied while they are out.

    Thank you for letting us all know we are not alone breastfeeding.

    • Good for you for sticking with it! Don’t you worry, it will get much easier, I promise 🙂 If you have a Mom & Babe group in your area I would HIGHLY recommend going- it is so encouraging to sit around chatting with other breastfeeding mamas.

      Thank YOU so much for reaching out!

  2. melf says:

    I imagine a lot of moms feel like you do. It’s funny, but until I read this post I never realized how few women I see breast feeding in public. I wonder if somehow as a society we speak about it as a “right”, but privately make it a socially unacceptable thing to do? How sad. I hope not.

    The radio station I listen to here in Minneapolis actually has a breast feeing tent they sponsor at our state fair every year. I love that women have a plae where they are often surrounded by other breast feeding moms. How nice to know you are not alone.