halloween 2012

So, Halloween happened awhile ago, I know.

Little Miss was a little pumpkin because she’s a little pun’kin.

Someone suggested that we all dress up like pumpkins so we could be a pumpkin patch. As we’ve discussed I’m not particularly jazzed about dressing up. I think it’s fun when other people do it, I just don’t think it’s fun when I do it.

That said, at some point I’m going to get my act together and we’re all going to be superheros. Kayloo would make a smashing Batman, Mickey would make a hilariously disgruntled Robin and Little Miss will rock whatever cape she throws on, I’m sure.

Oooh, who should John be? Something with tights for sure.

Oh my god this must happen.


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2 Responses to “halloween 2012”

  1. marilyn Douglas says:

    Of all the pictures in the beautiful book you sent us, the girls at work, and our friends, were just blown away with this one. Cutest little Pun’kin ever!!
    XXOO Grarmma D