This is what inspired Little Miss to crawl for the first time. A squeaky mouse. A squeaky mouse DOG toy. Kayloo’s favourite toy to be exact.

It is dog slimed and dirty and generally gross. I wash it, sure, but it’s still gross. Little Miss was entranced. Kayloo was put out because the hairless dog had trumped her and was taking over her main squeeze.

In the last 2 weeks Little Miss has really started crawling around and making my life much busier. She is also making the dogs life busier. I have noticed they are putting themselves to bed more often these days in an effort to get away from her.

I’m thinking they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

3 Responses to “inspiration”

  1. Trude says:

    They most definitely ain’t seen nothin’! You’ve gotta get out the video camera when she starts getting even more active. 🙂

  2. marilyn Douglas says:

    Way to go Little One. If you’re making your way to the kitchen as we speak, remember, No splashing in the doggies water bowl! Apparently that’s no permisso.
    Can’t wait for you to show me all your new accomplishments.
    Lots of kisses, Gramma D.