#1 fan

Fast-forward 20 years… I wonder if Little Miss will be teaching her dad a thing or two about the guitar.

*choke* *sputter*

Oh my god, she is going to grow up, isn’t she? And I will be in my 50’s! And she will have boyfriends! And none of them will be good enough! And… off to change her diaper. We’re good.

4 Responses to “#1 fan”

  1. marilyn Douglas says:

    Love this picture, and don’t worry Shauna, John will be Naomi’s first-best boyfriend for a good long while yet. By the time she gets to be a teenager, you’ll be ready for her.XXOO Marilyn

  2. Derek says:

    That is a wonderful photo. Enlarge it, frame it, and hang it on the wall!