mother’s day: the magic the mundane

Mothers Day_2013

My second Mother’s Day. The 2012 Mother’s Day picture makes me smile. I’m smiling but my chest was killing me and I was afraid she was going to start screaming her head off at any second. But I wanted the picture so I soldiered on.

I am not a trooper as a general rule but when it comes to capturing the moment it’s a whole different story.

I didn’t realize Mother’s Day was such a big deal until I became a mother myself. *Sorry Mom.* Now I know it’s a big deal. A big freaking deal. I’m not saying it’s a day you have to throw a bunch of money at but I’m also not saying you shouldn’t.*

Ha. Ha. Just kidding. ahem…

Notice the roadrash on Naomi’s forehead. Patios can be mean.

Being a mom is weird because so much of what we do is so incredibly important and so much of what we do is so incredibly mundane. The dichotomy can be mind numbing:

Prepare food (again). Watch her not eat it. Pretend to clean house. Find something entertaining to do. Find something more entertaining to do. Shit, is she eating toilet paper (again)? Make mom friends. Make sure she doesn’t kill herself on the stairs. Practice getting down the stairs. Wash diapers. Wash face. Wipe nose. Play “This little piggy went to the market.” Belly laugh because she’s so damn funny. Go work out. Don’t make it to the gym in time for playcare. OH MY GOD IS SHE CHOKING? No. Take photos. Post photos for Grandparents. Read something non-baby related. Hug her. Get hugged. Gaze at her lovingly. Clip nails nail. Take the dogs for a walk. Come home because she’s freaking out. Let her dismantle cupboard because I left making dinner too late (again). Wait for John to come home. Try not to overwhelm John with chatter. Bath. Water everywhere. Toys away. Calm. Not calm. Calm. Sleep. Back to sleep. Back to sleep. Is she ever going to sleep? Sleep… Prepare food…

mothers day drink

Alcohol in the morning is okay if it’s peach.

After brunch we came home for Naomi’s nap and John and I did some work while she slept. Then we went for a walk and I had a Habit coffee (half-caff, she didn’t sleep the night before, so good), before coming home and following Naomi around the house trying to get her to eat. Then she went down for bed and crashed on the couch for some Grey’s Anatomy.

I am documenting this for posterity’s sake. I imagine once the judo/dance/soccer/singing/chess classes start I’ll find this list of events charming.

Thank you for making me a mom, Monkey. I love you more than you’ll ever know and I’ll love you even more tomorrow.

baby steps

Age: 13 1/2 months

*Just for the record, John does a bang up job of making me feel special. Brunch, flowers, clean kitchen, doesn’t complain when I insist on watching Grey’s Anatomy… good job, babe. Thank you!

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2 Responses to “mother’s day: the magic the mundane”

  1. Shawna says:

    Love that daily run down of being a mom – so true! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day, nothing wrong with a brunch mimosa on Mother’s Day I say!